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Uncharted: Still Worthy

It’s been a few years since the final installment of the main Uncharted series. But if you have a PS4 you’ve likely played one of the main games. And if not then you’ve definitely heard of the franchise. But why write about it now? What’s the point? Fun…that’s why.

Uncharted is a gaming experience that offers the player everything they could have ever dreamed of in gaming. It combines shooters with adventure, team work that actually helps, environments that looked like they were painted by Da Vinci, stealth tactics for those who love getting by an entire area without firing a single shot (like myself), and a story so rich in detail and writing that if a movie was made of it I wouldn’t be offended if they literally copied and pasted from the games themselves.

When a gamer sits down to play a game they are committing themselves to an experience. I strongly encourage finding time at some point to play the Uncharted series. And if not the series then take a whirl with at least one of the main four games. Pirates, thieves, treasure, guns, and impossible odds.

The best part of it all is that each game surprisingly stands alone. Yes the games all interconnect but if you just want to play a random one the game knows that and treats you like an adult.

There are many shooters out there but none that I’ve seen can also bring in the scope of the vastness of the world, mythology, and bring back that love of piracy when you could roam looking for gold (which you can also do in the game).

Each game held a plot that honestly seemed like it was written by a magic pen. The difficulty of writing a story for the sake of a book is one thing. But writing a story that you can actually play and making it better than a feature film takes skill that I don’t dare come close to.

It was a series like this that set the tone of the gaming world. There have been games before Uncharted with solid story telling mixed with action. But during it’s spotlight it continuously delivered more and more to the fans and the gaming industry forcing gamers and game developers to raise their standards.

Your game is a puzzle solver? That’s a good start. Does it also incorporate completely detailed environments with second level rendering? Does it offer the gamer freedom to choose their approach forward?

Games like this make the gaming community more selective of their choice of games. When they play a series that gives them so much it makes it difficult to settle for one that only gets by.

It’s funny, as time goes on and new games come out many find themselves going back to old games they play. Sometimes it’s an old Mario Party or maybe a quick play of Crash Bandicoot. But when a game gives you the experience of a life time then you know it was a worthy experience. Months could go by, even years. But something good stays good. Something good doesn’t doesn’t become old.

I’m sure in the years to come there will be others trying their best capture the magic of the Uncharted series. I’m sure many will come close and perhaps even surpass it. But when people look back for the influence, the characters, the themes, the story, they’ll look back to something that stood the test of time.

Written by Yensin Atagah

I'm a writer that works mostly with middle grade fantasy and fiction with the occasional young adult and romance. I believe a good story should always rely on a strong backbone structure to keep people interested. I've also worked in medicine for a number of years and know way more medical terminology than I'd care to say.

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