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Toonami: Your Quick Guide to Anime, Anime, & More Anime

Don’t know what anime to start watching? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the vast sea of anime? Not to worry, friend—Toonami has you covered!

With the rise on anime programming popping up all over various streaming sites, it can get overwhelming to the untrained otaku which show to begin with. Luckily Toonami has a solution for those who would like to watch something new, or catch up on an ongoing series in English dubbing. The most resent anime scheduling was posted by Toonami’s Reddit page on November 9.

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With ongoing series like My Hero Academia and finished series like Naruto, Toonami has a culmination of shows to adhere to the taste of anyone who might be dabbing their feet in the anime world. So, after a long week of grueling work, school, or life, nothing satisfies a Saturday night more than dozing off to some good anime; who knows, maybe it will be your night, and you wind up in your ideal Isekai world! Each show has its own art style that fits the mood of the show. One show will have you rooting for the protagonist, while the next show might have you question each decision that protagonist makes. Regardless, there is something that will catch your attention, and make you want to binge the show to catch up to the current episodes. There are also dates of when each series will end, so be on the lookout for new anime to be announced.

The most surprising and anticipated release coming out is the adaptation of Junji Ito’s horro manga Uzumaki. Ito is known for his classic horror manga, and it’s no surprise that this adaptation was received with great praise. It is also going to be exclusively shown on Toonami, which means it will most likely have an English dubbing. It will be a good change of pace from all the action/fantasy anime and give viewers a glimpse into some old school horror. The actual release date is still yet to be announced, but that does not mean you can’t read the manga in the meantime.

Photo via Toonami

Want to experience your first anime binge, but don’t know where to begin? For those who’d like to get more out of their Thanksgiving food binge, there will be a Food Wars marathon following the normal schedule release of My Hero Academia and One Punch Man on November 30th. The marathon schedule is a follows:


11p: My Hero Academia #67
11:30p: One Punch Man #20
12a – Food Wars 12
12:30a – Food Wars 13
1a – Food Wars 14
1:30a – Food Wars 15
2a – Food Wars 16
2:30a – Food Wars 17
3a – Food Wars 18
3:30a – Food Wars 19
4a – Food Wars 20

There is nothing better than watching some high-quality animated dishes being prepared in front of your eyes after you have indulged in mountains of food. Food Wars is currently ongoing in its fourth season, but the marathon gives you an opportunity to get some back story and determine if it really is your cup of tea.

There is a great ensemble of anime on Toonami, and their library constantly gets updated with new shows.

For many new anime viewers, reading subtitles can get a bit irritating, but there is a distinct difference between the English and Japanese voice acting that takes place. From this library of anime, you can branch out to other streaming sites that offer a larger collection of shows, and before you know it, you’ll become a full-fledged anime watcher.

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