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TOKYOPOP Manga & Comics During Coronavirus Lockdown

During these overwhelming times of confinement it can be difficult to access your daily dose of manga and comic filled adventure. Luckily, TOKYOPOP is here to help out during these tough times. TOKYOPOP has launched its Covid-19 Community Free Manga Program on the POP Comics app to provide free volumes and chapters for a few of their titles.

Now you can decide whether you want to explore the spirit realm of Kamo: Pact With The Spirit World, or maybe spark up some scares with the horror manga Undead Messiah, or perhaps embrace a world where music is power like in The Way of Shao.

The Covid-19 Community Free Manga Program will run until the end of April, and there are no announcements of whether the program will be extended or add more available chapters. By simply reading new titles, and engaging with the content provided, POP Comics will continue to make sure the app runs smoothly to ensure a satisfactory experience during these unprecedented times.

The featured titles are self-published works. By simply reading a few new stories, liking them, and sharing, you are also helping others in the community. During these tough times, just because we are isolated from one another, does not mean we cannot come together as a manga loving community to consume stories eager to be read.


Also check out TOKYOPOP’s manga showcase for Spring-Summer 2020, just be aware that some titles will have their release dates by Covid-19.

Make sure to keep an eye out for new volumes and chapters, keep yourself occupied with new projects, and don’t stop reading manga!






Written by Jesus Amaral

I’m a total nerd/geek at heart, and I’m not afraid to express it! I’m also an anime fanatic, and I’m currently working on building my manga library! I’m a Marvel man, House Gryffindor, Jedi Knight, Anbu Black Ops, and an aspiring Hero of Time. I also head bang to heavy metal music daily!

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