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That Subbed Life – My Hero Academia Manga vs Anime

In the dynamic world of weeds and otakus, the debate between if manga is better than anime, and vice-versa, is constantly shifting. Neither side is willing to bend, and nowadays, the only thing each side can agree on is the utter embarrassment of the dubbed community; yes, they do exist. Each medium is a work of art, and operate on different levels, so the comparisons can be a bit skewed.

That is why we decided to take on the task of comparing the manga and anime versions of the beloved series My Hero Academia Season 4. In the video, we go over how the anime correlates with the manga, and how each one benefits from their respected medium. Now, don’t worry, this isn’t a video that bashes on Deku, even though he deserves it. We simply go over some of the most impactful moments in the manga, and how they were translated in the anime; with some potential spoilers for season 5.

You can watch My Hero Academia Season 4 on Funimation, Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Hulu. The 4th season is completed, so you can binge the newest season of the anime, and read the manga over at Shonen Jump to make your own comparisons. Then you can compare your opinions with ours, and decide if you agree or disagree in the comments below. Just do us a favor, don’t watch the dubbed version first, give the sub a chance…trust me!




Written by Jesus Amaral

I’m a total nerd/geek at heart, and I’m not afraid to express it! I’m also an anime fanatic, and I’m currently working on building my manga library! I’m a Marvel man, House Gryffindor, Jedi Knight, Anbu Black Ops, and an aspiring Hero of Time. I also head bang to heavy metal music daily!

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