Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Terry Bogard is Out Now and Here is What You Missed

Courtesy of Nintendo
Courtesy of Nintendo

If you’re like me, you probably missed Sakurai’s presentation of Terry Bogard this morning at 8 a.m. EST.

Personally, I was still sound asleep, so it would be understandable if you missed while getting ready for the day.

Regardless of the reason you missed it, Terry Bogard, the most recent DLC fighter for Smash Ultimate, is out now and available for download if you own the Fighters Pass, or you can purchase him for $5.99. Terry Bogard DLC includes King of Fighters Stadium along with 50 brand new songs.

Here is the almost 50-minute video presentation featuring Sakurai showing off the new fighter:

If you don’t have the time to watch the video in full, keep reading as I break down and discuss the important parts of the video.

Here are some timestamps mapping out the video sections:

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • Terry’s moveset – 5:59
  • King of Fighters Stadium stage – 21:04
  • Sakurai showing Terry in action – 28:14
  • Music and Spirits – 39:24
  • New Mii Fighter costumes and Amiibo – 41:53
  • Version 6.0 updates and Outro – 44:05
  • Terry Bogard Intro Cinematic – 46:06

I would still recommend watching the entire video if you want to know all the details, but here are the sections I thought were the most interesting.

So, before the new character announcement a couple months ago I had no idea who Terry Bogard was. I had never heard of Fatal Fury, and I didn’t know what a NEO-GEO was. And yes, I’m aware, I’m quite the noob. Because of this, I wasn’t to hyped for his announcement and future release; but now that I’ve seen him in action, I can easily confirm to you that I am pumped.


Terry looks insanely fun to play. Since he is from a classic arcade fighting game, it looks like he will play very similarly to Ryu and Ken. In 1v1 matches he will always face his opponent like they do, only looking away when sprinting in the other direction. He does have a few moves that look similar to theirs as well, but they’re still moves he has used in his games. While making Terry, Sakurai said they only had to create one new move for him, which is his up air. The rest originate from either Fatal Fury or The King of Fighters series.

The last two aspects of Terry that are similar to Ryu and Ken are his moves having different levels of strength depending on how long you press the button and that he has command inputs for his special moves. Other than that, he is quite the unique addition to the Smash roster.


Now it’s time to talk about what sets him apart. Terry is the first character in the Smash Bros. series to have a different side special depending if he does it backwards or forwards. His forward side special is called Burning Knuckle, which is a punch that sends him a good amount of distance forward. The backward side special is called Crack Shoot. This one sends him forward as well, but he uses an overhead kick, which looks like Sheik’s down special.

Another Smash Bros. first is his spot dodge. It works the same as everyone else’s, but he can do a quick attack out of it. While in the spot dodge animation, if you hit the attack button, he will instantly perform an upwards swing with his fist once the dodge finishes. This will be very useful for putting aggressive players in their place.

Terry also gets to use some special power moves once he has over 100% damage. They are executed using very precise stick inputs while performing his side or neutral specials. They are quite powerful and give him some excellent kill potential when done properly.


The last, and probably craziest, thing that Terry can do is cancel the ending animation of his standard attacks and combo into one of his special moves. This is done by inputting a special attack right when the first attack connects. Terry’s combo potential is going to be insane once you get the timing down for this. He might even put pre-nerf, Smash 4 Bayonetta to shame.

There are some cool things to note about his new stage as well. The stage is completely flat and extends all the way to the blast zones, but unlike similar stages, you can’t just walk into the blast zone and SD. There are invisible walls on both sides that bounce you back in if you’re knocked into them. You have to be hit by a strong enough attack to break through them and die.

Courtesy of Nintendo

Sakurai also had his team take the time to add a bunch of characters from the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series in the background of the stage. They even include a few characters from other SNK titles, which is a nice touch for people who are fans of the game. Certain characters will always be in the background depending on which song is playing on the stage at the time.

Speaking of songs, like I mentioned before, Sakurai added 50 songs for this fighter pack. That’s the most they’ve ever added for one character. Since there are so many, it should be noted that some of the songs come from other SNK titles as well. Sakurai mentioned that they sent SNK the 50 songs assuming they would cut a bunch of them out, but SNK gave them the green light on every single one of them.

To fit the style of this fighter pack, all the Mii Fighter costumes made available today also come from classic fighting games such as Samurai Showdown and Art of Fighting. There are five new costumes available now for purchase. On November 15th Simon, Chrom, and Incineroar Amiibos will be available for purchase as well.

The last thing I need to mention is Sakurai playing Terry while in Classic Mode—a must see during the presentation. It was amazing to see Sakurai absolutely wipe out the CPUs with his god-tier skills. I know it put me and my Smash skills to shame. It’s also a great way to see what Terry is capable of in-game.

Bottom line, even though I didn’t know who Terry Bogard was until recently, I can safely say that I can’t wait to try him out. All the DLC characters that Sakurai and his team have added to Smash Ultimate have been masterpieces and an absolute joy to play (even if they’re not as fun to play against, I’m looking at you, Hero). I can’t wait to see who the last fighter of this Fighter Pass is going to be and what they’ll do next for this amazing game.

Written by Michael Yannone

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