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Super Mario 64’s ‘L is Real’ Finally Proven, Thanks to Nintendo Gigaleak

It looks like after all this time, “L is real” really is real (try saying that 2x fast!)

Over the weekend of July 25, 2020, anonymous users on the website 4chan revealed the source codes, betas, unused materials from many classic Nintendo games, ranging from Super Mario World and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to canceled entries for the pokémon series to even the reveal of an un-added African American woman pilot in Star Fox 2.

This mass exodus of otherwise hidden information has been dubbed the “Nintendo Gigaleak“.

Among the multitude of discovered content came the reveal of the 3D model of Luigi from Super Mario 64 and with the discovery of this model, it finally proved the long-running “L is Real 2041” myth to have been real all along.

For those unfamiliar with the “L is Real 2401” legend/conspiracy theory, it (was) a myth that the player could unlock Luigi as a playable character in the original N64 game.

The way to “unlock” Luigi varied from unlocking a certain amount of items to Luigi being automatically unlocked after a certain amount of time passed.

While these efforts of unlocking Luigi proved to be fruitless,  Luigi would eventually be playable in the Nintendo DS remake Super Mario 64 DS.

It’s worth noting that the discovery of Luigi in Super Mario 64 came twenty-four years and one month after the game’s original Japanese release (June 23, 1996).

Did you believe that this video game urban legend would ever be solved? Are you hoping that this will lead to finding the answers to more video game urban legends?

Let us know in the comments below!

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