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Star Fox: Breaking Out to the Big Screen

For all of Nintendo‘s glory, the Star Fox franchise hasn’t seen enough love. Even after shifting gears with it on the Nintendo Gamecube the Star Fox team has never been able to get into the spotlight for anything other than the Smash Bros. series.

Recently Gary Whitta, the screenwriter for Rogue One, saw a fan art concept of the Star Fox crew by God of War art director Raf Grassetti and noted that he would like to write a possible animated movie for the furry crew.

Despite some possible snickering at this notion there are fewer Nintendo titles deserving of their own animated movie than Star Fox. The game already hosts a modern Star Trek like crew with a leader, a bad ass, a nerd, and a wise old mentor, along with a number of notable enemies.

The number of ways an animated movie could be approached from this is endless. Perhaps we would see Fox McCloud back in the academy where he first meets Slippy and Falco. Or maybe we could catch a glimpse at Fox’s and Falco’s ongoing rivalry. Or maybe we would even get to see Peppy’s dark past with the original Star Fox team and the events on Venom.

Regardless of the story line moving forward with a movie would be an amazing way to pump some life back into the franchise.

Written by Yensin Atagah

I'm a writer that works mostly with middle grade fantasy and fiction with the occasional young adult and romance. I believe a good story should always rely on a strong backbone structure to keep people interested. I've also worked in medicine for a number of years and know way more medical terminology than I'd care to say.

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