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Sonic Gets a Major Revamp in the New Sonic

Photo Credits: Paramount Pictures
Photo Credits: Paramount Pictures

On Tuesday, Paramount Pictures made its second go at releasing a trailer for the upcoming live-action Sonic film, and it seems that they’ve got it right this time around.

The original trailer, which was released back in April and has since been taken down, had faced massive backlash by fans for how Sonic was depicted as what best can be described as a “blue monstrosity”. Fans had mocked everything about the design, particularly his strangely human teeth and oddly buff legs, with some even going to far as to do their own redesigns, calling into question what exactly the filmmakers were thinking when designing the iconic blue hedgehog.

After only a day of the trailer being released, director Jeff Fowler announced that the movie would be delayed in order to give Sonic a new design and fix the problems of the movie. With how much better Sonic appears in the new trailer, that move seems to have been a smart one.

The new trailer now shows Sonic looking much more cartoonish and much closer to his video game appearance, with his classic large eyes and much softer, less realistic features. The new design is cute, classic, and much easier on the eyes than the last design.

The new look was met with a much better reaction from fans, who applauded both the film crew and Paramount itself for taking the time to listen to fans and correct the major problems with the movie. Interest in seeing the movie has risen dramatically, with fans calling for people to support the movie, even if it isn’t actually all that good.

Sonic is set to release February 14, 2020.

Written by Tatiana Rosen

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