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Seis Manos Roundup: Season 1 Episode 2, ‘Grief’

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead!*

Episode 2 starts off immediately after the events of the first episode and continues the of what it means to have harmony in the world. After losing their mentor, the three adopted siblings struggle to overcome their grief, and are faced with the harsh reality of letting go. Episode 2 of Seis Manos keeps the pace going with action, character building, and story plot twist that make the viewer crave for more.

We start off with a young Isabela giving her dead bird, Valiente, a proper burial while adhering to the Taoist funerary steps. She makes sure to follow the rules perfectly but is brought to tears as she finds Valiente’s burial site raided. She questions what she did wrong, not knowing a cat dug up the remains of her dead bird, and then the scene cuts to the three students still mourning over their master’s death; coping in their own unique way.

After making closer observations, they notice the damage to Chui’s body is similar to the bodies mangled by the monster, Jaimito, in the city. Silencio is blowing up like a firecracker, and unfortunately Isabela has to fight the emotional train wreck to calm him down. Isabela decides to take the issue with the police while Silencio runs away in frustration. It’s easy to understand where Silencio is coming from since his is built on revenge, and his only motive for coping with Chui’s death is finding and killing those responsible; Chui might disagree with that approach.

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After getting a view of the casualties from the chaos in the city, we get our first real interaction between Brister and Officer Garcia. Their power struggle is comical, almost like a buddy-cop sitcom, but Garcia definitely holds all the power over Brister when it comes to dealing with anything in her hometown. Isabela and Jesus seek Officer Garcia’s help, but she has her hands full, which leaves the duo with a sense of hopelessness.

El Balde is then seen in his home with his henchmen and demands for there to be a meeting between all the Jefes. After his announcement, he travels to a secrete room where there is a stature similar to Santa Nucifera. For some reason he asks for tears, but when nothing comes out of the statue, he decides to stab it with a knife. The strange part is when the knife is pulled out, it is covered with blood, and the statue actually begins to produce tears. Is there a person in the statue, and if so, who can it be?! Things change for the worse as the tears are transformed into ashes which are ingested by El Balde to give him monstrous characteristics like Jaimito. Strangely, he doesn’t go on a rampage, but rather he keeps his sanity and asks for forgiveness from the statue.

At this point in the episode, we get a better look at how each sibling is coping with the loss of Chui. Isabela has a flash back to when Valiente was not left to rest and asks her master how she mess up. Chui explains to her that she must learn acceptance, and follow the flow of nature as he says, “Be a flower. Be nothing. I release you.” After having that flash back, Isabela notices that Chui has a lotus tattoo on his body, similar to the one branded on Jaimito’s hand. Silencio has been hiding away at his lover’s home, which seems to be his little safe haven, and Jesus decides to get drunk and teach people kung fu so they can inflict some kind of pain on him.

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Now it’s El Balde’s turn to shine and spin the wheels of fate as he is hosting a meeting with all the Jefes who side with him. The premise of the meeting is to discover the secrete Jefe of San Simon who has been retaliating against them and plan an appropriate strategy for expanding the territory overseen by El Balde. Some of the Jefes are reluctant to believe El Balde’s words because he worships the Santa Nucifera, but to them, all he has to say is sucker punch! El Balde reveals his newfound powers via the blessing of the Santa Nucifera, and after punching a Jefe’s head off their body, he offers the remaining Jefes the opportunity to gain similar strength. Little do they know that they are not compatible with the ashes like El Balde, and wind up turning into malicious hungry demons like Jaimito.

The episode’s explosive ending begins with Isabela finding an old diary about Chui’s life, and Jesus leisurely parading around their home completely drunk. As Jesus is waking up from a small nap, he notices a finger laying on a flower, it was chopped of Jaimito when Chui fought him in episode 1, and before he can realize what he’s looking at, it begins to frantically move around. From there, the scene shifts to the demon Jefes approaching the home of the siblings, and then quickly cuts to Silencio spending time with his girl while she sings the song Mal Hombre. As the song plays in the background, Isabela and Jesus are confronted by the demons, and an all-out brawl breaks out. Isabela realizes that the demons are going after Chui’s deceased body, and she can’t help but have a flash back to the incident with Valiente.

The frustration the viewer must have with Silencio at this point is understandable since his siblings are at the brink of death while he seeks comfort from the only person who seems to be able to calm him down. An interesting plot point is when one of the Jefe’s has a moment of realization and commits suicide like Jaimito. Those who are blessed by Santa Nucifera must either be in a great deal of pain or realize that there is a great evil within them, and the only way to escape it is via death; with great power comes great risk.

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Isabela finally comes to her senses about Chui’s death, and decides to use their master’s corpse as bait to kill all the demons. She wants to lure them into the burning shack that is the storage house for all the Jow, liquid used for medical purposes, but can’t get free from all the demons attacking her. That is when our emotional train wreck arrives, Silencio, and begins to kick some demon butt. Isabela begins to drag Chui’s body to the storage house and has all the demons enjoy a Chui buffet engulfed in flames. As Isabela chants the words, “Be a flower. Be nothing. I release you”, she throws a couple bottles of Jow into the burning storage and brings an end to the demon’s rampage. As the siblings are getting their last view of their master’s remains, Brister is seen entering the home of a Curandera, folk healer, and the episode ends with some eerie music as we peer into the eyes of a dead owl that suddenly blinks


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