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Samurai Jack Slashes His Way to PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox

Jack is back and this time in an all-new video game!

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time was recently announced via the game’s official twitter account as well as an announcement trailer via a link to

Based on Gennedy Tartakovsky’s dystopian samurai epic of the same name, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time will be a Hack-and-Slash Action-Adventure game that’ll implement some RPG elements as gameplay progresses.

The game is being developed by Soleil Ltd and published by Adult Swim Games. Adult Swim Games describes the game as “an untold Samurai Jack adventure that ties into the epic series finale” and will have players “team up with trusted allies from the show to face against familiar enemies” as well as a chance to “visit classic worlds and moments from your favorite episodes”.

Samurai Jack originally premiered on Cartoon Network in 2001 and ran for four seasons until 2004. The show’s original run had an open ending, much to the fans of the series’ dismay. However, after 13 years off the air, Samurai Jack returned to television with a darker fifth season that ran on Adult Swim’s Toonami block and now serves as the series’ true conclusion.

Take a stab at the trailer below:

Are you excited about Jack’s return to video games or just excited about Samurai Jack, in general?

Let us know in the comment section below!


Written by Kahwit Tela

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