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Real Life Horror

Horror movies are phenomenon that play on the human’s desire to feel fear without being in danger.  We see these films and short stories that can make us fear our everyday life while tricking us into thinking it could never happen or can it? How often do you think of a horror movie as something real that could happen to you? It could be more possible than you’d like.

I’m excluding of course the occurrences of supernatural movies and stories as that is subjective to one’s beliefs, but monsters and killers are still up for grabs here.  When we think of these horror killers a lot of the time we think “they’d be caught in a day.” Or “They take too much damage to be real.” I am here to disprove this and prove that these killers and monsters are all possible through a strand of ridiculous theories.

First, I’m going to tackle the killer’s category.  When it comes to popular and realistic killers is Michael Myers. This is one of the realist horror killers in that he is a gigantic a man that broke out of a mental asylum to murder his sister and anyone who got in his way he is an obvious contestant for real life killers.

One that people would never expect to see is Jason Voorhees. He is one that could be possible under very specific and unlikely conditions. These conditions would of course include him have been preserved in the water of camp crystal lake and on the night of his mothers killing spree during the storm the lightning struck the water restarting his heart bringing him back, this would explain his giant gasp of air at the end of the first film. From this point on it would be him through the years as his seclusion slowly manifested into his mother’s voice telling him to kill any teen caught on the grounds of crystal lake.

Now for the monster’s category, First will be of course any alien from outer space.  We don’t know about the majority of space and we don’t know if there’s life or if its hostile, so they are a mystery but not impossible. Other monsters that could be possible are any sea beast, knowing that as of 2018 more than 80 percent of the Earths ocean is unexplored ( so the possibilities of a giant ocean creature could be lurking a lot closer to home then we would like.

Of course, when we hear movie monsters and real-world possibilities we don’t want to hear about alien or aquatic life we want the nasty and grotesque man made creatures such as zombies. Zombies are a creature that are a lot closer to reality than anything else of stated here other than Michael Myers. In several temperate forest locations, a strand of virus that has been described as zombie like has spread and contaminated several species of Fawn. This disease will cause the flesh to rot away as well as cut oxygen to the brain and cause aggravation and aggressiveness. As most people know viruses can evolve and it has been discussed that this disease could evolve to affect humans. After that happens it would be put on the government to sort out weather we survive or not.

Written by Will Glover

Hi, my names Will Glover. I'm 18 trying to get into online writing and content producing. I'm a cinephile, and avid horror movie fanatic.

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