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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX (Demo Review)

Game Freak surprised all of their Pokemon fans with the announcement of their new remake Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DXThe classic GBA and DS game is returning for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo also announced a free demo available to the public.

I had a chance to play the demo and here are my thoughts on the adventure reboot.

While the trailer showed the human player transforming into a Pikachu, the game-play kicks off by asking you a few profile questions that will determine which Pokemon are you. My answers pinned me as a Charmander—cool choice, but I wanted to see if I could change it, and in fact you can. I selected Bulbasaur. You also get to choose a sidekick; my selection was Cyndaquil.

So the demo begins with you waking up to meet your sidekick and wondering how a human like you arrived to this world and, strangely enough, became a Pokemon. The rescue adventure immediately starts with a Butterfree in need of help to get her baby Caterpie who is lost in the woods, this is where you get to try the Mystery Dungeon gameplay.

Your characters move like pieces on a chess board trading up turn for turn with your enemies. The action is similar to Pokemon battles except it plays similar to turn based dungeon crawler RPGs.

The game’s camera angle is at top of all the maps centered to your rescue team but especially the Pokemon you are using as the leader.

Being a dungeon game, the map is labyrinth develop with items around to find, enemies to encounter, Pokemon to rescue and stairs to descent to more basement floors.

Every single step you take will lower your ‘belly’ which is basically your stamina. If you get hungry enough and is mission over. So make sure to eat Apples to fill you up—happy belly happy heart.

The graphics is a cross with Valkyria Chronicles 1: bright sketch texture style and colorful graphics. The character animations is resembles Okami drawn in animation style. Very beautiful and gives it a very artistic feeling.

The music is very catchy and quite enjoyable it never gets annoying to listen to.

In the demo you get a total of two main rescues and up to four side quest rescues that are feature on the Postal Office’s Billboard. Between rescuing two Pokemon and delivering an item, the demo can be finished in roughly 20 minutes if you’re a speed player.

I enjoyed this demo so much that I spent all my time glued to the experience until I complete it. I manage to level up my Bulbasaur to level 10 and my Cyndaquil to level 9, but once you receive a notification alerting you the demo has ended, there isn’t much to do other than walk around the town. Fortunately, demo save data will be available during the game is officially released.

As someone who did not play this on either the GameBoy Advance or DS, I look forward to the official release. It has been a very long time since I have enjoyed a Pokemon game—I cannot wait to have it!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX  official release date is March 6, 2020. Pre-order is available at the eShop for $59.99 exclusively on Nintendo Switch!

Written by Dio Vazquez

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