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My Hero Academia Season 4 Finale ‘His Start’ Review

Spoiler Warning!

Old man…I’m watching! I’m watching!

Season 4 of My Hero Academia concludes with the epic battle debut of the new number one hero, Endeavor. The heated battle between Endeavor and the High-End Nomu proves to be a challenge that even requires the assistance from the current number two hero, Hawks. The battle is a mixture between combat, emotion, and intense visuals. “His start” is by far amongst the top episodes of this season, coming close to the fight between Deku and Overhaul.

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The episode starts off with a Todoroki family gathering. Fuyumi and Natsuo, Shoto’s siblings, are seen during one of their routine visits to the hospital where their mother, Rei, is receiving treatment. Fuyumi and Natsuo seem to have a better relationship with their mother, probably because she didn’t burn their faces, than Shoto, but Rei points out how young Shoto has been staying in touch via letters since telephone communication is not approved for her quite yet.

After a few laughs, the mood shifts to a more serious tone as Natsuo mentions how Endeavor is now the number one hero. This is the first time we meet and see Natsuo, and right off the bat, we get to witness how he truly views his father. Regardless, Rei reassures him that Endeavor is confronting his past mistakes to push ahead, and he has not forgotten about his family. Out of everyone, Rei is the only one who truly understands Endeavor’s feelings, and knows that he is taking the strides to reconcile with his fate.

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From there, the scene shifts to the anticipated fight between Endeavor and the High-End Nomu. Endeavor quickly discovers how strong the Nomu is because it can actually assess the situation, and think on its feet. Its regenerative powers resemble past predecessors of Nomu, and no matter what Endeavor throws at it, the fiend is able to recover without a scratch. The intensity of the attacks causes the surrounding building to collapse, and that is where we get to see Hawks in action. His fierce wings are controlled individually by him, and he can sense the surroundings by using feedback he gets from eat individual feather. Hawks is able to rescue all the people from the collapsing buildings effortlessly, and looks so cool while doing it. The two top heroes in action make it look easy, and demonstrate some uninterrupted high-level team work.

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Once the surroundings get cleared, Endeavor starts to go all out. Endeavor’s Hell Spider move packs a serious punch, but only leaves the Nomu momentarily immobilized. Other heroes begin to show up to help, but the Nomu realizes the current situation, and decides to spice things up by spitting out smaller white Nomu all over the city to cause distractions. To make matters worse, Endeavor’s body is beginning to overheat, meaning that his movements will start to slow down, and his abilities will begin to diminish. That is when he gets a flash back to his past addressing his own short comings as a hero.

The only way to overcome his overheating was to be able to rapidly cool down, which is why he married Rei. His ultimate goal was to have an offspring that would be able to fully tap into his powers without any limitations. Even though Endeavor’s intentions seem well, the lust for power drove him to treat his own family cruelly to bring life to his own ambitions. As he comes to terms with the pain he has caused his family, Endeavor teams up with Hawks to go in for the final kill with his ultimate move, Prominence Burn!

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What seems to be a successful attack only leads to an opening for the Nomu to strike Endeavor down. The Nomu detached its own head to survive the blast, and regenerated from the head to unleash a devastating blow to Endeavor. The pace of the scene begins to slow down, and the melancholic music in the background delivers the downfall of the burning hero.

We get a quick look at Shoto, then past memories of him with Endeavor start to trickle in before the new number one hero is brought to the ground. The reactions from all the spectators, and heroes adds to the intensity of the scene, and the Nomu’s malice is a nice touch to villain’s triumph.

All hope seems lost, and the absence of a new symbol of peace quickly fills up everyone at the scene with panic and fear. As the crowds begin to get out of control, Endeavor’s number one fan yells out that the flame hero is not down for the count just yet.

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The young fan urges everyone to believe in Endeavor because he is risking his life for the safety of everyone else. While everyone is running away, he is facing the monster head on without doubt. As those words echo in the background, Endeavor rises, and begins his final pursuit of the Nomu. His flames burn brighter, and now there is no reason for him to hold back.

The original plan was to capture the Nomu to extract intel, but that option is no longer a wise choice. With the help of Hawk’s feathers, Endeavor is able generate enough speed to catch up to the wild Nomu. With the monster in his grasp, he begins to ascend higher and higher until there is nothing around him except for the sky.

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Everyone watching Endeavor is anxiously waiting to see if the hero will prevail. Shoto is shown worried about his father, and his siblings are equally as concerned as they watch from a laptop. After getting call backs to Endeavor telling Shoto that he will become a hero his son can be proud of, Shoto desperately responds, “Old man…I’m watching. I’m watching!” As Endeavor soars higher with the Nomu, he can’t help but reflect on the monster’s malice for power. He was once in pursuit of absolute power, but just like this Nomu, those past negative ambitions must burn. With all the strength left in him, Endeavor surpasses his limits to unleash his ultimate move: Plus Ultra Prominence Burn! The sky fills with flames, and large debris hits the ground, but when the smoke clears, all that is seen is Endeavor standing tall with his fist in the air. The number one hero comes out victorious, and everyone cheers with overwhelming joy.

All the tension from the battle is finally lifted, and the emotional toll on our psyche was more than we were willing to bare. The scene ends with Midoriya acknowledging Endeavor’s efforts, and coming to terms of what it’s going to take to become the next number one hero.

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After credits scene:

Before the season finale ends, Midoriya is shown sleeping at the dorms. The scene cuts to his dream, and for some reason he is some sort of shadow embodiment. As the scene pans from Midoriya, we see visuals of the past holders of One For All. From there, two men are shown having a quarrel with one another, and the two are the original holders of One For All and All For One. Nothing is said, but after those visuals Midoriya awakens from his dream, and is left breathless and confused about what he just saw.

Till Season five!!!

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The season finale is bitter sweet in the sense that the episode was magnificent, but now we have to wait till the next season to see the follow up of Endeavor’s victory. The battle encapsulated what we always presumed Endeavor would be, and then some. The flame hero has surpassed our expectations, and earned his title of number one hero. Endeavor seems to be taking a new approach into becoming number one, and is dedicating his efforts to rekindling the sparks of his family. It will be interesting to see how far Endeavor can get with his new outlook on heroism. Midoriya’s strange One For All dream has now opened the word of his power, and many are eager to find out what secrets it conceals. For a season finale, this episode had it all: emotion, action, cliff hangers, and stunning visuals. It’s safe to say that episode 88 delivered what we wanted, and leaves us with excitement for what’s instore in the next season.

 10 / 10


My Hero Academia ends the fourth season in the just the right way, with all the emotion and action, that one forgets about all the fillers we had to get through to make it this far.



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