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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 87 ‘Japanese Hero Billboard Chart’ Review

Spoiler Warning!

Just watch me.

With all the festivities coming to an end, it’s time to answer the question that’s been looming over everyone’s mind: Who’s the new number one hero? Episode 87, “Japanese Hero Billboard Chart” takes us into the world of heroes outside of their daily community heroics.There are different criteria that must be met in order to get recognized, and the top ten get announced publicly to showcase the pedestal of heroes reigning above the others.

The episode solemnly revolves around Endeavor and Hawks, and their situation gets really heated by a surprise guest at the end of the episode.

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The episode starts off with one last adorable look at Eri before she goes into the care of UA personnel; mainly Mirio and Aizawa. Since her family ties are all lost, the best place for her is with those who sacrificed everything for her safety.

Strangely, Eri’s horn that generates her quirk’s power has started to grow a little, and this brings a bit of concern. Her status will be constantly monitored with the hopes of teaching her to utilize her quirk to one day return the invisible man back into action! After all the commotion, the students must return to their dorms to prepare for a visit from some surprised guest.

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The Pussycats are back in action with all their might, and eagerness to continue their heroism. We get our first look at Ragdoll in her new powerless state, but doesn’t seem to have dampened her overwhelming enthusiasm to be an asset for her team. From there, the scene cuts to All for One, imprisoned at Tartarus, making a menacing comment about returning quirks, but at the expense of his using his powers.

The more surprising news is when Kota is called out by Mandalay for picking out the same shoes as Midoriya. It’s now evident that Kota has a new favorite hero, and his fan boy spirit makes his interactions with Midoriya resemble similar dynamics with All Might and Midoriya. It’s good to see the Pussycat doll are staying busy to rise the charts of the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart, but they have a long way to go.

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The moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived, and the results of the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart are in! The event is broadcasted from a convention that has heroes from all over in attendance. Each hero gets rated on their current heroism, and their approval rating with the public. The top ten heroes get introduced one by one, with the exception of Best Jeanist. The top ten are in order from top to bottom:

  1. Endeavor
  2. Hawks
  3. Best Jeanist
  4. Edgeshot
  5. Mirko
  6. Crust
  7. Kamui Woods
  8. Wash
  9. Yoroi Musha
  10. Ryukyu

This is also a moment for all the top heroes to say something encouraging to show their own resolve. Hawks gets irritated by all the answers, and decides to tell it how it is. He calls out all the heroes for playing it safe, and for sounding so generic. Everyone feels like his comments are arrogant, but they completely understand the message he’s trying to convey. With Hawks making the mood go from fun to intense, Endeavor’s follows by simply saying, “Just watch me.” The new number one leaves everyone with a short, yet powerful message because we all know actions speak louder than words.

Endeavor quickly shows his appreciation towards Hawks after almost burning him to a crisp, but the number two hero was just making sure the right person was filling the spot of the new symbol. After a brief conversation, Hawks requests a team up with Endeavor to investigate the rumors of Nomu being sighted all over the country.

The two heroes meet up over lunch to discuss the sudden rise in Nomu sightings, but unfortunately Hawks only has rumors to go off of; no actual evidence has presented itself. The concern Hawks talks about has to do with someone that might actually be spreading the rumors to cause panic.

Lately, the book of the Metahuman Liberation Warfront has seen an increase in popularity, and he believes it has to do with the silent panic that is being stirred up around the neighborhoods. Before they decide on a plan of action, the two heroes are interrupted by a High-End Nomu. The High-End is seeking the strongest opponent, and, out of luck, it happens to come across the new number one hero. The battle between Endeavor and the High-End Nomu is heating up, and builds the anticipation for a great battle in the next episode.

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Seeing all the different heroes getting presented for the top ten was entertaining on its own. The different personalities makes each one stand out, and begs to ask the question, when are we going to see these other heroes in action?

Hawks makes a bold entrance to the series, and leaves his mark as a worthy number two hero. His intuition is on the mark in terms of Nomu popping up, and the fact that they get confronted by a High-End proves the rumors are more than just whispers.

The events of “Japanese Hero Billboard Chart” prove to be a promising set up for the coming episode, and Endeavor’s first heroic act as the number one hero will hopefully outshine his past endeavors.

 8 / 10


With the introduction of new heroes and new threats, episode 87 heats up the tone for the next arc in My Hero Academia.


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