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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 86 ‘Let it Flow! School Festival!’ Review

Spoiler Warning!

Raise the curtains, shine the spot lights, and get excited because the school festival has taken over UA High in episode 86. The fun atmosphere delivers what Class 1-A promised, and the emotional ties to the performance are beautifully displayed. The festival displays all the hard work of the students without missing a beat. This episode will surely leave you with a big smile upon your face.

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Before we get to enjoy the festivities, Gentle is interrogated by the police about his crimes and the involvement of La Brava. Apparently, her hacking skills are pretty amazing, and the police try to recruit her, but her allegiance is with Gentle Criminal; fan girls are just so incorrigible. Gentle claims that La Brava was brainwashed into doing his bidding, but the police are aware of the ties the villains share. Without admitting the truth, the police let Gentle know that it’s never too late to make the right choice to correct his troubled past. The scene quickly shifts over to Midoriya hastily making his way to the stage after getting some sense yelled at him by Hound Dog.

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As the show is about to begin, one can’t help but feel a little nervous for Class 1-A. Eraser head is aware of the other students that are at the show to evaluate the “trouble causing” students of Class 1-A. Class 1-A continues to get scrutinized by the other students, and this is their moment of redemption. Bakugo starts the show with a bang, and gets the mood going. All the students are present, and carry out their roles splendidly. Highlight of the show is Jiro by far, and her flash back to when she decided to become a hero oppose to a musician adds that little extra layer of emotion. The two-page spread of Jiro signing in the manga gets a moment in the anime as well. The best part about the whole performance is Eri’s reactions. Seeing her huge smile brings Mirio to tears, and the visual of Chisaki’s shadow being eradicated confirms Eri’s true freedom.

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Eri is not the only one captivated by the performance, all the other students present can’t help but dance and sing along. The performance is truly spectacular, and provokes one to rewatch it multiple times. What should have been exposed more is the play Class 1-B performed. There were so many crossovers that span from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, one can’t help but laugh while demanding to know more about the characters in the play. After Class 1-A’s dominating show, the students that had doubts display their gratitude, and even apologize for technically being haters; Bakugo’s reaction is on point.

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After all the clean-up, led by Mineta, the students make their way to the beauty pageant. Each contestant displays their own unique skills with the upmost elegance. The star of the show is Hado as she captivates everyone with her fairy dance. From there, the montage of all the other attractions show the students having a good time while showcasing some characters we haven’t seen in a while. In the end, Eri is riled up with excitement, and is livelier than she’s ever been in the series. The final scene of Eri’s reaction to the surprise candy apple provided by Midoriya gives us the feels, while breaking all the kawaii meters in existence.

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It was difficult to avert our eyes while Class 1-A performed their song and dance. The performance was important for so many reasons, and seeing all the character’s hard work payoff made it more special. Eri’s blossoming was the highlight of the entire episode, and her reactions will forever go down as the epitome of Kawaii. With the conclusion of the school festival, the change of pace to reconnect with the characters feels delightful. The only bummer is that we didn’t get to explore all the attractions in more depth, but one can safely assume that they were all probably really great.

 8 / 10


Eri steals the show with her intoxicating smile, and Class 1-A demonstrates how it takes much more than fighting villains to become real heroes.


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