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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 85 ‘School Festival Start!!’ Review

Spoiler Warning!

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After getting a recap of the battle between Midoriya and Gentle Criminal, we get a quick look at the students anxiously getting ready for the festival. Monoma is up to his usual antics when he continues to poke fun at Kendo’s involvement within the beauty pageant. The pageant is no joke, and the sparks fly between Hado, Kendo and Kenranzaki. To add more anticipation, Mirio and Eri are shown making their way to the festival with nothing but wonder in their eyes!

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Episode 85 continues the second part of the battle between Gentle Criminal and Midoriya as it test the resolve of their similar dreams. As Gentle escapes towards UA High, Midoriya does some quick thinking to utilize the rubber barriers left behind by Gentle to reach him. Midoriya makes quick work of Gentle, and apprehends both villains at the same time. After getting a flash back of La Brava’s tragic love life, see reveals how her love for Gentle has grown over the years. Gentle was the first person to accept La Brava’s feelings, and display his own affection towards her. Her past was definitely tragic in terms of the damage it did to her psyche, but when the scene returns to the current situation, La Brava utters the phrase “I love you”, and triggers her quirk.

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La Brava’s love quirk powers up the person she has feeling for, and depending on the affection, the power-up can reach multiple levels. Gentle receives the power-up, and fends off Midoriya for a brief moment. As the two are about to begin their Super Saiyan style battle, the school festival officially begins at 9am. Midoriya is pressed for time, and continues to ask Gentle to reconsider his infiltration of the festival because there is much more at stake than just disrupting some festivities. As their battle rages on, Gentle’s tragic hero back story is shown. He was never an outstanding student, and has failed the provisional exam three times. He tried to save a pedestrian, but gets them severely injured while interfering with the efforts of a real hero. This event gets him expelled from school, leading him down the path of a villain. It’s interesting to see the outcome of a failed student turn to villain, oppose to someone who has had a malicious intent since the beginning. The profession of hero is not for everyone, and those who fail can always fall between the cracks.

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Gentle always wanted to be a hero who would be remembered throughout history, but his own short comings lead him down the path he treads now. Midoriya realizes that the two shared a similar dream, but when asked why he wants to be a hero, Midoriya responds, “For those who have been hurt…I want…to become someone who can show them a bright future.” Those words resonate with Gentle, and rekindle his old hero spirit from within. After the final collision, Midoriya reigns victorious. La Brava does not give up, and make a run towards UA to hack the security system. As she desperately tries to make Gentle’s dream a reality, she notices that Hound Dog and Ectoplasm’s clones are approaching the battle site.

The heroes approaching is bad news for both Midoriya and Gentle. In his final heroic moment, Gentle flings Midoriya away from the battle site, and decides to turn himself in to protect La Brava. Gentle is aware of La Brava’s feeling towards him, and knows she will commit worse crimes in the name of Gentle Criminal. She has always loved him, and he has loved her too. When the heroes make their entrance, Gentle is seen holding La Brava. Without making eye contact with the heroes, he admits to his crimes, and turns himself in.

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The set up from the previous episode was put to waste in the final fight. Although the elements of a great battle were present, the final confrontation between Midoriya and Gentle Criminal left us missing something. It was great to get tragic back stories of the two villains, but at the cost of squeezing them in for the benefit of the battle. The character development felt a little too rushed, and made it seem like these villains will not be reoccurring characters. Overall, the battle was lacking in action, but the emotional clash kept things interesting.

 7/ 10


The final battle between Gentle Criminal and Midoriya is lacking, and makes us hope the performance in the festival lives up to the hype.

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