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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 83, ‘Gold Tips Imperial’ Review

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Episode 83 of My Hero Academia takes us behind the scenes of all the other groups preparing for the highly anticipated school festival. There is no room for slackers, as all the students are in high gear to produce the best kind of entertainment possible. Overall morale is high amongst the students, and it’s evident as to why the festival must not be canceled.

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The episode begins with Mirio trying to make a stealthy comical entrance, but fails ever so horribly. It’s great to see our vault boy is high in spirit as he escorts Eri around, but he might be over doing it a bit. It’s great to see all the students make their formal introductions to Eri, but it will still take her some time for her to get adjusted to interacting with others. As Midoriya joins Mirio in escorting Eri around, we get our first look at the other students putting in the work for their attractions for the school festival.

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Everyone thinks Mirio is skipping class because he has to take care of his new daughter, Eri, and the fact that he doesn’t refute the idea demonstrates the kind of dork Mirio can be. Even though the school festival is meant to be a celebration, Class 1-B confirms Bakugo’s ideology of everyone competing. Monoma calls out Class 1-A, in typical arrogant fashion, for deciding to put on a performance, and lets Midoriya know that their class’s performance of an updated version of Romeo and Juliet will outshine all the other attractions at the festival. Honestly, I’d be interested in seeing the play adaptation of Class 1-B, seems really entertaining. After Awase performs the regular duties of Kendo, in terms of keeping Monoma in line, Midoriya learns about the infamous beauty pageant.

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One of the contestants is Hado of the big three, and her hilarious interaction with Midoriya plays with the innocence of the poor young hero. After she literally makes Midoriya’s soul leave his body, the trio make their way to the support course in action. A visit to the support course is never complete without the inclusion of our favorite inventor Hatsume, and she elegantly makes a lasting impression amongst the young heroes and Eri. One key thing to point out is after every new person Eri meets, she seems to pry into their personalities, and their overall devotion to the festival. She is somewhat impressed with everyone’s commitment, but doesn’t really know what to expect for the festival; talk about hard to please youth!

Before departing from Midoriya, Mirio and Eri get a quick bite in the cafeteria, and have a brief interaction with principle Nezu and Midnight. This moment will play a bigger role in the next episode, but the main thing to take away is the increase in security for the school. Principle Nezu’s discussion with the police shows how dire the situation is for everyone, but the high specs rodent makes a case for why the school needs to hold the school festival. If anything triggers even a false alarm, then the whole festival will have to be shut down immediately, and all the hard work the students have committed will go to waste. The mood goes form fun to serious, but the highlight of the scene is getting to see Hound Dog back in action!!

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After all the tension, there is comic relief when Midoriya is voted off the dance team in the most conspicuous way. The effects team needs more muscle at their disposal, and Midoriya was the perfect fit for the job. We also get to see Midoriya putting in work to master his new fighting technique early in the morning, but his training session with All Might is quickly interrupted by Hatsume. She regularly tests her babies early in the morning, and doesn’t seem to care too much about why the two are up early in the morning training. She notifies Midoriya that the new support item that was requested by him will be prepared soon, and that is when All Might admits to using support items back in the day. Later in the evening, Midoriya frantically searches for videos that show All Might with support items, but comes across one of Gentle Criminal’s videos. The tea spilled in the video foreshadows the tea being prepared by Yaoyorozu in the dorms, which is revealed to be Gold Tips Imperial; a rare blend that is hard to obtain.

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The episode ends with Gentle and La Brava finalizing their map for the infiltration of the UA School Festival. The touching encounter between Gentle and La Brava is your typical fan girl story, with an interesting twist. To our surprise, Gentle has a detail approach to how he will make his infiltration a success. He reassures La Brava that this villainous act is to show the heroes how unprepared they are for future surprise threats, while nurturing the young heroes to become stronger. His ideology seems as tasteless as his tea, but reveals a key component to his plan. Before the invasion, the villains will make a quick stop at a cafe that sells Gold Tips Imperial; the coincidence is too hard to believe. From there, La Brava will exercise her pro hacking skills, and Gentle will make sure to give the heroes a rude awakening.

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It’s great to see all the students filling in their roles to make the school festival a success. Everyone is making sure to not cut corners, and the variety of events going on crates the fun environment that’s been missing overall. Eri’s interaction with everyone demonstrates how she is one of those who needs to experience the festival the most to break out of her shell. The goal of the “Gold Tips Imperial” is to set events in place for the inevitable encounter between Gentle and Midoriya. With tensions high between the school and police, any little mess up can lead to a devastating blow to the overall moral of the school.



The fun tone of the season so far is put into check as tensions start to rise, and inevitable doom slowly creeps its way towards the school.


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