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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 80, ‘Relief for License Trainees’ Review

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

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The anticipated battle between the children and young heroes finally takes the scene, and delivers nothing less than what’s to be expected from My Hero Academia. The kids start off with a bang, and exercise no restraint to the limits of their powers. Unfortunately for them, our young heroes have come across worse, and the arrogant nature of the young children begins to crumble away. Up to this point, the children have been able to see themselves as unbeatable and overpowered, and it’s interesting to point out how their development stems from the quirk singularity doomsday theory. To sum it up, each new generation is a culmination of past quirks inherited by offspring, leading to the development of more complex quirks that can seem more powerful than the previous generation.

Luckily, the young heroes have an idea on how to demonstrate the difference in power between them. Todoroki incorporates all the debris from the children’s quirks, and builds a huge slide with the help of Yoarashi. Camie creates the ambiance with her illusion quirk, and Bakugo keeps everyone in check. The grand gesture demonstrates the beauty of their quirks, and how it’s not always about overpowering a foe. One of the big character development moments of the episode is when Bakugo confronts the leader of the group and tells him, “If you keep looking down on everyone, then you won’t notice your own weaknesses.” This is a call back to himself, and what he had to overcome in order to become stronger. In truth, that is the realization of all the young heroes in the licensing supplementary class because they let their own arrogance and bigheadedness lead them to failure in the first place.

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After receiving praise from Gang Orca, the young heroes come across All Might and Endeavor. We witness the outcome of the conversation between All Might and Endeavor, and get our first real character development take place within the new number one hero. Endeavor, for once, does not have a menacing face, and tells Shoto that he will become a hero his son can be proud of. It’s hard to believe the same Endeavor that was yelling “SHOTO!” in the previous scenes has now developed a softer side. The overall sequence is narrated by All Might in the background as he acknowledges the steps taken forward by Endeavor to become the next number one hero. Even Yoarashi notices the change in Endeavor, and cheers him on along the sidelines.

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The brief montage of Sir. Nighteye’s funeral brings a close to the chapter of the foresight hero. Eri has also recovered from her high fever, but no one is allowed to visit her since there is no clear grasp of her quirk yet. Overall, everything is slowly aligning back into place, and the students of class 1-A are back to their normal routines. Well, unfortunately for Midoriya, Aoyama’s recent activities make his day go from normal to completely strange. The naval laser hero starts to take interest in Midoriya, and even stalks him at night outside his room window. The scene is very strange, and the eerie music makes it seem like Aoyama is planning something evil. The tension’s diffuse after Midoriya finds a cheese platter outside his window spelling out ‘I know.”

It’s not clear as to what Aoyama knows, but the message has Midoryia on edge. An interesting detail to point out is when the students share the news of The Lurkers, team comprised of Mt. Lady, Edgeshot, and Kamui Woods. There are different team-ups happening all the time, and it’s always interesting to know who is working together. After some comical moments between the class, they begin their long awaited ultimate move training. Can a hero without an ultimate move even call themselves a hero? The answer is simple, no! Midoriya realizes the limitations in his quirk, and doesn’t know how to go about developing his ultimate move. Fortunately for him, Aoyama comes to the rescue with the demonstration of his ultimate move, navel laser buffet! The two finally discuss the message left by Aoyama, and the reasoning behind it is quite shocking. Aoyama knows that Midoriya’s quirk is not compatible with his body, just like his own quirk. He was simply trying to cheer up Midoriya, and what better way to do that than with a cheese platter message. The end of the episode leaves us with the idea of incompatibility, and wonderment of what kind of ultimate move Midoryia will have to come up with to utilize his strengths.

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The solution Bakugo, Todoroki, Camie, and Yoarashi came up with was a spectacle, and had its cheesy moments too. The character development of Bakugo and Endeavor are shocking, and add some depth to the overall story. The heroes are making the right strides to becoming a better version of themselves, and the internal struggles that were once a hindrance are slowly being conquered. Aoyama and Midoriya’s interaction seems a bit strange, but it’s a set up for the overall issue Midoriya must overcome. The future symbol of peace must develop a better understanding of what is expected of him, and define what it means to wield One For All.




There is some great character growth amongst pinnacle characters, while laying the ground work for what awaits them in the next episode.

Let us know in the comments below what you liked, and disliked about the episode.


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