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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 79, ‘Win Those Kids’ Heart’ Review

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

With the anticipation of finally seeing Bakugo and Todoroki in action, episode 79 fulfills the duties of a filler episode. The let-down is a bit of a disappointment, and the only saving grace is the conversation between All Might and Endeavor.

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As the young heroes from UA High and Shiketsu High meet up, one can only hope for more intense, hilarious moments between the new dynamic. After meeting their charismatic Safety Commissioner, Yokumiru Mera, the young heroes are whipped into shape by Gang Orca’s authoritative entrance. The episode delivers a strong introduction, but after Gang Orc reveals that the heroes will have to be working with children form an elementary school, the episode begins to lose its fire. During all the commotion, Endeavor meets up with All Might to discuss what it truly means to be the number one hero.

Before we dive into the heart felt moment between All Might and Endeavor, the young heroes must find a way to impact the hearts of the rebellious children. Even though the episode is lacking an action, there are strong elements of emotion that are explored. The teacher of the class seems desperate in trying to teach the children proper etiquette. She describes the children as having their hearts ‘closed off’ to anyone, and how the provided counseling at school does not really impact their development. Bakugo, Todoroki, Camie, and Yoarashi all try their own tactics, in hilarious ways, for connecting with the children, but they get shut down one after the other.

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All Might and Endeavor steal the spot light, and make the episode worth watching. Beside all the deep inhaled “SHOTO!” screams, the discussion about becoming the next number one hero highlights the road to come for Endeavor. We already know that All Might is incredible and his impact in society was greatly felt, but Endeavor makes us realized that the shoes worn by All Might will always be too grand to fill. For the first time, we see Endevor act a bit vulnerable, and almost admits to not being worthy of the pedestal All Might has brought up. He also bounces from being an intense Endeavor, and a subtler version of himself, as he comes to realize that his image is the one that everyone is now looking up to.

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The episode keeps revolving around the young heroes trying to make the children listen to them, and at times is seems quite redundant. Even Present Mic feels the boredom and decides to commentate the whole event. After trying to find the boss kid, executing different tactics, and having the music mislead the viewer thinking there is finally going to be some action, Camie comes up with an interesting idea. She tells everyone to use their quirks to demonstrate their own skill to better communicate with the children. After the children realize the heroes are up to something, they manifest their own quirks to prepare for battle. Their teacher cries out for them to stop, but the young heroes embrace the moment, and prepare for a quirk battle between the them and the children.

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“Win Those Kids’ Hearts” felt like a filler episode, and only provides miniscule information for development of the overall story. The best part about the episode was the interaction between All Might and Endeavor, and their interaction overshadows the efforts of the young students. There is a push for character development, but the overall effort is not felt. Hopefully the next episode delivers the intensions of episode 79, and provides a satisfactory conclusion to the Provisional Licensing Exam.

Let us know in the comments below what you thought of the episode, and if we missed anything that might have seemed important for the episode.



As a filler episode it fulfills its job, but we’ll have to wait and see if the conclusive battle is worth the wait.

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