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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 78, ‘Smoldering Flame’ Review

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

With all the loss and triumphs from previous episodes, “Smoldering Flame” continues to push the expectations for the cast of My Hero Academia. The pacing of the story does not let up with the introduction of a new troublesome villain, and the licensing progression of some of our heroes. With the second part of the season gearing up for action, we get a brief look at our up-and-coming heroes, and their mindsets going into the sports festival.

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The new OP may seem a little too upbeat, all things considered, but if you are familiar with the manga, then you know that it is highlighting the sports festival that’s to come. After getting a reminder of why the League of Villains is insanely cool, the scene cuts to Gran Torino speaking with detective Tsukauchi. They are a new mission to capture Kurogiri from the League of Villains, and have discovered an area where the villain has been appearing recently. The police, along with Gran Torino are quick to the scene, and apprehend the warping villain quite easily. The capture of Kurogiri seems almost effortless, but the villain reveals the motives to why he has been visiting the forest so frequently. That is when the massive servant of All For One, Gigantomachia, makes his grand entrance, and causes a large eruption that leaves the audience wondering what happened to everyone at the scene.

We quickly jump back to all the heroes being released from the hospital, except for Mirio and Eri. Midoriya is shocked after viewing the report about the League of Villains attacking Chisaki’s transport, but is told by Eraser Head that there was nothing they could have done. Midoriya is very worried and eager to see Mirio, but what he finds is an energetic school mate ready to take on the challenges to come. Mirio lost his quirk and his mentor, but he must continue smiling because he doesn’t want Eri to see him upset and blame herself. Mirio also has to uphold the values of Sir. Nighteye with his intoxicating smile. Midoriya almost reveals the secret of One For All to Mirio because he wants to offer the power to him, but Mirio quickly shuts down the idea, and reassures him that Lemillion is not done yet!

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After briefly catching up with Todoroki and Bakugo, the young heroes involved with the Hassaikai incident are reunited with their worried classmates. The touching reunion highlights the relationships each student has with one another, and how they support each other as a cohesive unit. After all the hilarious reunions, Tenya being the best reaction, Ochaco has an epitome of what kind of hero she wants to be; talk about character development. The scene ends with each student in their own room feeling restless, contemplating all the events that took place, and how they were not are useful as they’d like to have been.

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The episode ends with Todoroki and Bakugo being escorted by All Might and Present Mic to their provisional licensing exam supplementary classes. After All Might got the news from Gran Torino about Gigantomachia, and the League’s current movements, more precautions are being made for the safety of the students. Gran Torino describes Gigantomachia as a disastrous force, and makes it seem like they got lucky to escape with their lives and Kurogiri. Todoroki and Bakugo finally arrive to the training facility, and are greeted by their peers from Shiketsu High School. After some hilarious interactions, the scene is left off with an eerie feeling as Gang Orca and the Safety Commissioner make preparations for the exam.

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With the change of pace midway in the season, there are some interesting factors to look out for. The story is not letting up with future conflicts to come, and the development of each character is starting to resonate within them. Even though there were only few moments of action, the internal conflicts that are overcome by certain characters make the story more engaging. After seeing the students readjust to their daily lives, it’s time for Todoroki and Bakugo to get their moment in the sun!



The unseen flames of each hero are starting to burn brighter, making then seem more prepared for anything that may be thrown their way.
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