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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 77, ‘Bright Future’ Review

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

After so many intense fight scenes, and gut-wrenching moments, My Hero Academia brings us back to the reality of becoming a hero, while reminding us there is danger lurking behind every corner. Eri’s rescue was a heart pounding experience, but some heroes had to pay the ultimate price. The bitter sweet ending to the current arc of the season is a reminder that My Hero Academia likes to explore new territories, and is not afraid to put our heroes in dire situations.

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After getting another look at Deku channeling his inner All Might against Chisaki, the rest of the team comes to each other’s aid to conclude Eri’s rescue. While the madness is taking place, Eraser Head is finally show in the grasp of Chrono, and just as the villain is about the kill our goggled hero, Suneater comes to the rescue. All the heroes begin to regroup, and meet up with Deku where the main battle took place. Before Deku can catch a break, Eri’s power becomes too overwhelming for him, and starts to rewind his body. Eri is scared and doesn’t know how to stop herself from reverting Deku, but luckily Eraser Head, with the help of Froppy, is able to cancel her quirk, thus ending the madness of the Eri rescue operation.

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Before the viewer can rest easy, the scene cuts to Chisaki being transported to the nearest villain hospital. As the ambulance races along the highway, the League of Villains appears to steal the finalized drug product form Chisaki. After taking out the police and killing Snatch, the sand hero, the villains confront Chisaki in his pathetic state. After taking the anti-quirk drug and serum, Compress seals away one of Chisaki’s arms and Shigaraki decomposes the other. They brutally take away his ability to use his own quirk, and leave him to suffer in the world he tried so eagerly to change. Not only is this moment for the League of Villains their shift in the tide, it also demonstrates the vile nature of the villains our heroes will have to face in the future. Overall, the villain’s interaction with one another creates an interesting dynamic within the show, and makes them seem more awesome than the heroes; to a certain extent.

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After getting a heart-warming montage of all the heroes reuniting with each other and apprehending the remaining villains, Deku shares a moment with Sir Nighteye. The young hero urges Sir Nighteye to speak with All Might, but all Sir can think about was how the future he saw was changed by the blossoming symbol of peace. All the young injured heroes look hilarious in their recovery states, but the mood is quickly shifted when Deku and Eraser Head meet up with All Might in the hospital.

The heroes are all together to see Sir Nighteye, and the news delivered about his condition are dire. The foresight hero does not have much time to live, and he delivers some heart piercing words of encouragement to Deku and All Might. Just when you though your tears couldn’t get heavier, Mirio barges in with grief for his sensei. After giving his final words to Mirio, Sir Nighteye uses his foresight on the young hero one last time and says, “You’ll be a finer hero than anyone else. This is the only future…that shouldn’t be changed.” I’m not crying, you’re crying! Sir Nighteye admits to wanting to use Mirio as the vessel for One for All, but after having the future changed by Deku, he knows the power is where it needs to be. All the characters in the room shed heavy tears as the last scene of Sir Nighteye is him passing away with a huge smile on his face:

Smile…A society without cheer and humor…will not have…a bright future…

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The emotions run high in the last episode of the Hassaikai arc. With every small victory, a large price is payed, but that is just how the balance of the world works in My Hero Academia. Sir Nighteye might have not been everyone’s favorite hero, but he demonstrated the qualities of a true hero right to his death. Seeing how he impacts All Might, Deku, and Lemillion, one can’t help but feel like we were robbed of an awesome mentor. With the inclusion of the League of Villains, “Bright Future” demonstrates strong emotional moments from both sides of the same coin.



With the right balance of pain, drama, and hope, the last episode of the Hassaikai arc delivers an episode that will be remembered for future seasons to come.

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