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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 76, ‘Infinite 100%’ Review

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

 Dang Izuku.”

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally happen! Deku goes full cowling at 100% in episode 76 of My Hero Academia, and the result is utterly astonishing. The episode is tailored to delivering spine chilling suspense, with a fight that feels like an All Might brawl. The limits of going plus ultra are portrayed through Deku’s actions, and the ending sequence leaves one speechless with maybe a tear or two lingering about.

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The episode begins with a flashback to team Ryukyu apprehending the villain Katsukame. Before the heroes can even catch a break, Katsukame activates his quirk, which is the ability to steal someone’s life force via touch and begins to rage havoc while Ryukyu is the only one standing after everyone else’s life force was stolen. With the quick thinking of Ryukyu and Hado, the two are directed by Deku, which turns out to be Togo in disguise, and crash the villain Katsukame through the floor to where Chisaki and Deku are brawling out. The villains get a quick comedy bit in as they describe their antics to a clone about trying get the upper hand on the Hassaiakai.

After the intense entrance, Team Ryukyu begins to help out Deku, and the others. There is a flash back to Eri, and her history with her parents; talk about tragic upbringing. From being blamed for her father’s disappearance, being called cursed by her mother, and being used for experiments by her grandfather’s right-hand man, Eri’s life is nothing less than calamitous. Regardless, that is the moment when she realizes that the heroes are not going to stop until she is saved and does the one thing she’s never been able to do: allows herself to be saved.  The scene’s tone immediately instils sadness and tension in the viewer with the acapella melancholy song sung by Makayla Philips in the back ground as Deku desperately reaches for Eri’s hand.

A sigh of relief is felt after Deku holds Eri in his arms, and confidently utters the words, “I’ll never let her go.” This scene is a definite tearjerker, and Deku’s resolves is beautifully displayed throughout the slow-motion sequence leading up to the rescue. Prior to escaping, Eri uses her rewinding powers, unintentionally, on Chisaki which causes his body to revert and diffuse from Nemoto. Chisaki is desperately trying to get Eri back, but when he is about to land a hit, there is almost like a seismic shock wave that happens and Deku disappears from sight.

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After all the emotional turmoil, we get a small break as we catch up with the other heroes in the wreckage. Froppy and Ryukyu are attending to Sir. Nighteye, and Chisaki is at the point of collapse. Deku is then shown soaring in the air, and realizes he just successfully let out a kick similar to All Might’s New Hampshire Smash. Normally Deku would have suffered some serious damage to his body, but thanks to Eri’s quirk, his body is constantly rewinding before the damage takes place; can you foresee what’s about to go down! The music of the episode starts to get eerie as Sir Nighteye is telling Uravity that Deku is going to die, and if things were not already bad, Chisaki is shown in the background fusing with Katsukame’s body.

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As Deku is praising Eri for her powers, the grotesque Chisaki fusion appears for the final battle. Chisaki explains what Eri is, and describes her as, “The power to annihilate quirk factors and turn humans back to normal.” The real grotesque part about Chisaki is his treatment of Eri, and how he doesn’t even acknowledge her as a human being. With the remnants of Lemillions cape, Deku ties Eri to his back, and unleashes his ultimate form, Full Cowling 100%! With Eri constantly rewinding Deku’s body, he is able to go all out without inflicting permanent damage to his body; let the tag team battle commence!

The intensity of each hit form Deku is delivered with beautiful execution, and the slow-motion of each major blow intensifies the scene even more. Chisaki is definitely no match for Deku at this point, and we get our last flash back of how Chisaki strayed from the path of the Hassaikai to become the demon he is now. An important detail to point out is when Chisaki talks about selling the quirk eliminating drug and serum. That must mean that there is either a serum in production, or there is a possibility in creating a serum. Regardless, Deku delivers the finishing blow, a key resemblance to All Might’s shading pattern, with the audience of Sir Nighteye and the others. As Chisaki lays defeated on the ground, Sir Nighteye realizes the future he saw was changed, and indubitably ends the episode with a smile!

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From beginning to end, this episode gives the viewer the climax they deserve. From Eri’s emotional reencounter with Deku, Chisaki’s ability to set aside his humanity, and Deku’s mini All Might moment, “Infinite 100%” stands apart from the rest of the season. The pacing form prior episodes cannot be overlooked, but in the end, they set up the final battle accordingly. The final icing on the cake is Sir Nighteye finally smiling at Deku, even if it’s only shown for a split second.




The emotional toll of the episode leaves us in a satisfied place that evidently makes the wait worth it.


Written by Jesus Amaral

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