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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 75, ‘Unforeseen Hope’ Review

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead!*

Episode 72 of My Hero Academia brings the pain with a small glimmer of hope. The baton has been passed from Lemillion to Deku and Sir Nighteye; with Eraser Head coming in clutch. The show continues the grueling clash between the heroes and Overhaul, while displaying the grotesque nature of Chisaki. It’s hard to say how the battle will end, honestly you can just read the manga, but with everything that has been lost up to this point, a victory seems less meaningful.

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As we are reminded about Lemillion’s inevitable decline, Overhaul winds up for his final strike, but just in the nick of time, Deku comes rushing in, mimicking the depiction from a full two-page spread from the manga. After the epic entrance, the scene cuts to Deku, Sir Nighteye, Eraser Head, and the Police moments before they go to Lemillion’s aide. After apprehending Mimic, Deku gets worried about the involvement of the League of Villains. There is a flash back showing Eraser Head notifying the students involved with the rescue that if the League of Villains is involved, then they will be pulled from the mission. Luckily, before the issue can be addressed, Rock Lock reminds everyone that there is no time to lose, and the sacrifice and blood spilled by every hero so far must not go to waste! That is when the scene fast forwards to the present time showing Deku land a critical blow on Overhaul.

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Sir Nighteye’s quick assessment of the situation sums up everything that has been going on as he rushes to Lemillion and Eri’s side. Our heart strings are strung hard when Nighteye holds Lemillion tightly after praising his hard work; the emotions are too overwhelming. Both Deku and Eraser head work together to take down Overhaul, but Chrono wakes up from his unconscious state, and lands a hit on Eraser Head after he pushes Deku out of the villain’s range. The first big surprise of the episode is revealed when Overhaul uses his quirk to fuse his body with Nemoto’s body, transforming him into a four-armed abomination. With his new body, Overhaul is able to use his quirk with any hand, and also has the ability to use Nemoto’s quirk.

Before we are able to watch Overhaul go crazy, the scene cuts to Chrono detaining Eraser Head with his Chronostasis quirk. The interesting nugget of information Chrono tells Eraser Head is that Eri is the granddaughter of the old boss from the Hassaikai. This brings up an interesting point of conflict within the Hassaikai and paints the picture of what Overhaul had to do in order to make his dream a reality. Overhaul was not lying when he said Eri was not his daughter, but using your own boss’ granddaughter for your own selfish plan to eliminate quirks sets a new bar on what it takes to be a villain; especially since he pretty much kills her, and rebuilds her on a daily basis.

After the flash back, we return to Deku facing off against Overhaul in his new fusion form. The advantage Overhaul has now is that he can regenerate quickly, and minimize any damage done to him. The news of Lemillion losing his quirk sends a chill down the spines of Deku and Sir Nighteye. The number one student at UA has lost everything that makes him special, or so that’s what Overhaul believes. After hearing the news, Sir Nighteye begins to fight Overhaul, and commands Deku to get Lemillion and Eri to safety. Sir Nighteye remembers all the advice he gave Lemillion and praises his efforts to adhering to the qualities of a true hero. The flash back to Gran Torino and Sir Nighteye finally provides insight to why he refuses to use his Foresight on people to see their future. Sir Nighteye states that once he sees a future, it cannot be change, therefore, making what he sees the obsolete outcome for that individual’s future. If Sir Nighteye does not see an individual’s future, he believes that it can still be changed, resulting in a new future. As we peer into the mind of Sir Nighteye playing the events of the battle via his Foresight, both Deku and Lemillion express a horrified expression as they witness their mentor get impaled by spikes.

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Deku immediately rushes to Sir Nighteye’s aide but is told that the future has already been determined where both heroes die, Overhaul escapes, and Eri is safe. Deku, with his overlying tenacity, tells Sir Nighteye, “Even if that was already decided…I’ll twist that future.” That is when Deku goes full cowling at 20% and begins to face off against Overhaul. Deku’s predictability is called out by Overhaul, and the villain once again displays why he is top dog. Overhaul then uses Nemoto’s quirk, Confession, to lure Eri back to him. Eri is powerless against the questions being asked, and begs everyone to leave while they still can if she turns herself in. Deku cannot take that offer, and tells Eri that as long as she’s crying, he’s going to do what it takes to make her feel safe again. At that bleak moment, the ceiling comes crashing down with Ryukyu’s team taking down a huge enemy, and potentially posing as backup.


With the impaling of Sir Nighteye, Deku’s inadequacy, and Overhaul’s new overpowered form, hope is all the heroes have at this point for victory. The situation goes form good, to worse, to slightly better throughout the episode. Sir Nighteye meets his ultimate destiny, and Deku must go beyond his own limits to even keep up with Overhaul. It is difficult to take your eyes away from the screen because there is so much going on. Ultimately, the heroes have sacrificed too much to get to this point, and one wonders how the situation can turn around to make up for everything that has been lost. The glimmering hope of Ryukyu’s team crashing down from above leaves us wanting more, but feels like their entrance is a moment too late.




The lengths that the heroes must go through in order to save Eri are becoming more drastic, while having Overhaul remind us of his demonic nature.

Written by Jesus Amaral

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