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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 74, ‘Lemillion’ Review

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Do your best Mirio. Do your best.”

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Episode 74 of My Hero Academia finally arrives to the beginning of the confrontation between the heroes and Chisaki. The beginning of the episode feels rushed, which is a missed opportunity to display certain characters and set up the upcoming battle. The title “Lemillion” is a direct call out to who the episode is dedicated to, and why he stands as the number one student at UA High. It feels as if the first 15 minutes could have been planned out better in previous installments to fully dedicate the battle to this episode. Regardless, Lemillion does not disappoint in demonstrating his resolve, and what it takes to be a hero.

The episode begins with Chisaki talking to Chrono about the completion of the new quirk eliminating drug. It’s hard to tell if Chisaki is excited since all the sinister music playing gives off the vibe of bad omens approaching. Chrono does not hesitate from letting Chisaki know about the struggles of making the drug, but he doesn’t care since his goal is to strike while All For One is out of the picture right now; at least that’s what he thinks.

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After the intro, we witness Toga and Twice being interrogated by the Hassaikai. It’s clear that Toga does not like them one bit, and the fact that Chisaki killed Magne only adds fuel to the flames of hate. Both Toga and Twice refuse to disclose their quirks, but Nemoto uses his Confession quirk to make them squeal and reveal if they are plotting on betraying the Hassaikai. Luckily for them, they pass with flying colors, but the trust between both groups is clearly not evident. There can only be negative consequences coming from the team up of both villainous organizations.
The episode then transitions where we left off with Toga and Twice provoking Mimic to go berserk. The two villains act on their own accord and decide that since they cannot take out the Hassaikai, then they’ll have the heroes do their dirty work for them. With Mimic going crazy, Deku is able to pinpoint the source of the mimicry and exposes the body of the villain while having Eraser Head eliminate his quirk, leading to Sir Nighteye landing the final blow. The heroes realize that the League of Villains just betrayed the Hassaikai, and one can’t help but echo Toga’s words in the back of their mind, “Organized crime guys…they’re lame, huh?” Honestly, what did you expect form the two villains from the League, they did what had to be done.

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Finally, the main course is served as Lemillion is shown catching up to Chisaki and Chrono. Chisaki taunts and questions Lemillion’s capabilities, and reasoning for being a hero. Before Lemillion is able lay the beat down, he is cut off by Nemoto, quirk is Confession, and Sasaki, quirk is sloshed; two members of the Eight Bullets of the Hassiakai Group. Lemillion losses equilibrium via Sasaki’s Sloshed quirk, and Nemoto ask him debilitating questions to try and break his spirit; making Lemillion admit the harsh truth of his failures. As the two villains are going to finish of Lemillion, he displays his overwhelming heroic tenacity, and unleashes his ultimate move, Phantom Threat, to knock out the two members of the Eight Bullets of the Hassaikai Group. The young hero then goes after Chisaki and Chrono, and is able to free Eri from their clutches. After knocking out Chrono, Nemoto, and Sasaki, only Chisaki is left for the beginning of the final battle. As Lemillion holds a frightened Eri, he encourages her by saying, “I will never make you sad anymore. It’s fine. I will become your hero!”

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Lemillion has all the momentum, and one can’t help but cheer for the young hero. Chisaki begins to get overwhelmed with anger, and calls out Eri for being a curse because he is always cleaning up the messes she causes. Clearly, he is referring to those that might have exposed Eri’s secrete in the past who he had to kill, and Lemillion is next on his list of clean-ups. Chisaki begins his barrage of attacks, and does not care if he strikes Eri. Lemillion is sicken by Chisaki’s treatment of his own daughter, but the young yakuza bluntly claims that he does not have a daughter. Chisaki’s disregard for Eri really exemplifies his atrocious characteristics as a villain, but that is what makes his character daunting.

As Lemillion is dodging Chisaki’s attacks, Chrono wakes up and starts to assist his boss. Chrono if firing gun shots an Lemillion, while Chisaki tries to attack Eri. Lemillion uses his clever battle instincts, and is able to fight off both villains. As Lemillion is whaling on Chisaki, the villain has a flash back to when he first met the leader of the Hassaikai. Even at a young age, Chisaki always wanted to disrupt the status quo of heroes by eliminating their quirks with Eri’s powers, but the boss told him, “It you turn away from the path of a human, that’s the end of your chivalry, Chisaki. No one’s going to follow a demon with no heart.” Those words hit harder than Lemillion’s punches, but Chisaki obviously did not adhere to them. That is when Nemoto pops his ugly face into the battle, and Chisaki desperately tosses him a bullet from the quirk eliminating drug. Nemoto decides to shoot Eri, and out of desperation, Lemillion uses his body as a shield, but before the impact, Lemillion looks upon Eri with a big smile letting her know everything is going to be ok.

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Before the unimaginable sets in, Lemillion has a flash back to when he first decided to become a hero. After getting a glimpse of Lemillion’s first encounter with a hero, the young vault guy, the reference had to be made, decides that he will endure the struggles of his quirk to become a worthy hero. With the visuals of a supportive father, and workout montage, the words are uttered in the back ground, “Do your best Mirio. Do your best.” That line just hits where it hurts as Lemillion loses his quirk, but the battle is not over since Lemillion continues to fight off Chisaki without his powers. After multiple scenes of them exchanging hits, the episode ends with the image of Lemillion getting impaled by multiple spikes. As he stands tall and bloody, he refuses to give up, and will continue to do his best; for Eri’s sake.


The episode would have been a “Lemillion” times better if it was dedicated entirely to Chisaki’s and Mirio’s confrontation. Either way, Lemillion’s heroic spirit was displayed beautifully as he paid the ultimate price for Eri’s safety. The betrayal by the League of Villains was expected from the moment they team up with the Hassaikai, but one only wishes that there had been more screen time for Toga and Twice to run amuck. The episode does a great job in setting the mood for the future, and one is left with some dire questions that demand answers now!




The episode’s safe haven is Lemillion’s resolve, but that can only drive the story for so long.





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