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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 73, ‘Temp Squad’ Review

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Episode 73 of My Hero Academia finally delivers the longing screen time of Toga and the League of Villains, and how they play a part in the Shie Hassaikai’s plans. Pacing of the story seems to be an issue for the heroes, but the episode is barley saved by the efforts of the villains. It feels like the direction of the episodes so far is to get all the smaller details out of the way early on to focus more on the final battle, but at what cost?

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After getting a flashback of Red Riot’s chivalrous heart, Chisaki is shown leisurely escaping with Eri while he is discussing to his henchmen that the Hassaikai will continue to florish as long as he or the old boss remain alive. He is definitely optimistic, but what is important to note it that he is carrying both the drug and serum in a small container, meaning there is not a mass production yet of the drug. As he leaves, he notifies his new villain henchmen that it’s their turn to get rid of the heroes; Toga and Twice!

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Our new favorite BMI hero is trying to find a way to the others, but before he can devise a plan, Rappa awakens from his defeated state. As we clench to our seats for a rematch, Rappa actually offers the two heroes aid. The reason behind his commendable action is actually him trying to get them to heal up as quickly as possible so he can have a rematch with Red Riot and Fat Gum. One can’t help but smile every time Rappa refers to Red Riot as a man instead of kid, for he has acknowledged him as a worthy adversary. Fat Gum asks Rappa why he follows Chisaki, and the villain reveals that the only person who has ever defeated him is Overhaul. Rappa also tells Fat Gum everything about the money needed for the drug production, and the growth of the Yakuza.

The scene cuts to Mimic getting mad over the fact that the heroes keep advancing, and since his power up is running out, he must act quickly. Mimic encounters Deku, Eraser Hear, Rock Lock, and the others, and begins to manipulate the walls, while trying to crush the heroes. Rock Lock stops the walls from moving, but is separated from the group, which is when he gets ambushed by Toga. Deku and Eraser Head come to Rock Lock’s aid, but there are two of them; one stabbed on the floor, the other explaining there is an imposter. Eraser Head realizes the League of Villains could be accomplices of the Hassaikai, but before he can say anything, the imposter Rock Lock begins to attack Deku. Before a blow is successful, Eraser cancels Togas powers, reveling the villain, but at the cost of getting himself stabbed by the crafty blood thirsty female. Toga’s infatuation for Deku is as strong as ever, creepy and cute, but she safely retreats via the help of Mimic’s walls.

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After that encounter, both Twice and Rappa, a clone created by Twice, intersect Sir Nighteye and the police. Clone Rappa goes for the attack, but Sir Nighteye beautifully displays why he was worthy to be called All Might’s sidekick. After disintegrating the Rappa clone, Sir Nighteye attacks Twice, but is only able to rip the villains mask. Twice begins to have a panic attack, and fears he is going to split apparat if his mask is not fixed. Before the heroes can apprehend him, Mimic helps Twice retreat, and Toga comes to the rescue as she patches up the crazy villain’s mask. Do not take light the small pep talk Toga gives Twice, for it shows that even though they may be villains, their bonds are not as simple as one may think.

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From there, there are a couple of flash backs to Shigaraki explaining to the League that they are going to work with the Hassaikai. The other villains are reluctant to join the Hassaikai, but Shigaraki assures them that they will make Chisaki’s group pay for all they have done to their comrades. Toga questions why she should do something she is not interested in partaking, but is convinced by Shigaraki that it’s in their best interest to pretend to help so they may take advantage down the road. The scene cuts back to Twice and Toga mocking the henchmen of the Hassaikai, and they provoke Mimic into conducting an all-out attack against the heroes. As they convince Mimic, the episode ends with their mischievous faces smiling with glee.


The villains are the stars of the episode, but the standout character is Toga. The heroes continue to take detour after detour, making it feel like they are never going to reach their destination, while Lemillion is still on pursuit of Chisaki. Now, the villains are trying to get the heroes to not reach their boss, but at some point, the story has to move on. The temp squad adds another layer of complexity to the story, which make the episode just barely enjoyable.



The heroes are out shine by the villains, and the story continues to run in circles as we desperately wait for something exciting to happen.

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