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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 70, ‘Go!!’ Review

*Spoiler Alert*

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*Warning: Spoilers Ahead!*

Episode 70, ‘Go!!’, of My Hero Academia finally gets the wheels spinning on the investigation involving the Shie Hassaikai, and their involvement with the drugs going around that neutralize quirks. The episode’s pace picks up scene after scene, with some needed character interactions that drive the story deeper than just heroes saving the day. The episode captivates one into wanting more, while resisting the urge to spoil anything by reading the manga.

Go!!’ starts off by Fat Gum narrating the discovery of the drugs, and how they are linked to Eri. The scene is then followed by Sir Nighteye going over the Shie Hassaikai’s involvement, and the plan on how to discover the location of Eri to ensure a successful rescue. Episode 69 is summed up in the first couple of minutes of Episode 70, which makes it seem like the last episode could have been played out a little differently. Regardless, the mood is set up to be intense as we can still feel the radiating frustration from Mirio and Midoriya throughout the episode.

After the intro, the students involved in the Nighteye investigation, Midoriya, Uraraka, Asui, and Kirishima, are on stand by while they await their next orders. The other students from Class 1-A notice a change in the attitude of the four students involved, but they assume it’s because of their work studies. Since they are still high school students, their level of experience in dealing with real world problems is exemplified by the way they can barely interact with their peers without spilling any news. The one person who is having trouble though is Midoriya. The pressure of being a hero really starts to take a toll on his self-confidence, and he begins to question his own ability to rescue Eri. Without being able to seek guidance from his mentor, All Might, Midoriya has to figure out how to make the right decision when it comes to crunch time.

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Luckily for him, the trusty class president, Iida, always has his back, along with Todoroki. Midoriya’s puzzled mind is put to ease as his classmates help him return to a calm mind set; also with the help of some crying, typical Midoriya. As he comes to grips with the task that is soon to come, the long-awaited message about Eri’s location is received by everyone late at night. As we see each heroes’ reaction to the message, the ones that stand out are the Big Three, and the four students from class 1-A.

Eri’s location has always been at the current Shie Hassaikai strong hold, which makes it feel like all the searching around was kind of pointless, but Sir Nighteye points out, after admitting using his Foresight, that all options had to be exploited to ensure a higher success rate of rescue; talk about cautious. At long last, the heroes suit up, and begin their preparations with the police to infiltrate the villain’s base. Scenes cut to Chisaki getting updates of the movements the heroes are making, and he gets his men to make the necessary preparations to clash with the oncoming onslaught. Sir Nighteye was also able to map out the quickest route to Eri based on the information he got from using his Foresight on one of the villains. At this point, the music and transition of expressions from each hero is building the anticipation for a successful rescue. One can only lean forward, and get more engaged in the episode as it gets difficult to look away.

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With the intensity changing, and the involvement of so many characters, there is nothing but anticipation for what to come in future episodes.

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