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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 69, ‘An Unpleasant Talk’ Review

*Spoilers Ahead!*

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**Warning: Spoilers Ahead!**

Use your head. You hear me? Problem child?”

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‘An Unpleasant Talk’ dives right into the issues expressed in the previous episode, “Let Go, Gutsy Red Riot”, and gives the young students a reality check in terms of what it takes to be a real hero. There are high amounts of tension and frustration between the characters, and the eagerness of each individual that is involved can be seen throughout the episode.

We begin with Midoriya, Kirishima, Uraraka, and Asui heading to their work studies early in the day. The students are discussing what has been going on with their teams, but Midoriya starts to realize they are all heading towards the same destination. The music gets eerie, and Midoriya is getting more worrisome about the whole situation; seems very paranoid. As they arrive to their destination, the young students are greeted by the Big Three, Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado, Tamaki Amajiki. The other students seem to be puzzled, while Midoriya is the only one realizing what is going on, and the fact that they also see Eraser Head, Grand Torino, and a bunch of new heroes only verifies that feeling of something bad that’s about to happen.

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After the intro, the young students are with their work study heroes, wondering about why there are so many big shots in one room. Sir Nighteye begins the Nighteye Joint Conference with his assistants Bubble Girl and Centipede. This conversation is the real meat of the episode, as the Nighteye Agency breaks down the involvement of the Shie Hassaikai with recent villainous attacks, and illegal drug usage. Its apparent to note how the younger students are making the vets frustrated because of their inexperience, but the fact that their work study heroes are defending them gives a sense of trust in their abilities.

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One big reveal is when the heroes are told of the drug used to eliminate quirks has traces of human blood and cells. The other big reveal is when Sir Nighteye mentions that Chisaki has a daughter named Eri, who was covered in bandages, and seemed frighten when she was discovered by Togata and Midoriya. The mood of this sequence starts to intensify as Togata and Midoriya realize what’s really going on. Chisaki’s quirk, Overhaul, allows him to deconstruct and reconstruct objects, and the connection is made of what he is doing to his own daughter. The vet heroes are not surprised by the grotesquerie of the villains, but for the first time, the young students are exposed to some frightening news that seem unreal. The mood keeps getting more and more tense as the Togata and Midoriya realize they had the opportunity to save Eri early on, but their rookie experience got the best of them. Their frustration only fuels their determination to rescue Eri and together say:

We’ll get Eri away from him next time…and we’ll protect her!”

Sir Nighteye acknowledges the mistakes of the young heroes, and takes full responsibility. As they begin to discuss how they are going to infiltrate the Shie Hassaikai head courters to rescue Eri, Eraser Head brings up a point that pulls at Sir Nighteye’s emotions. Eraser Head tells him to use his quirk, Foresight, on one of the heroes to see how the events of the infiltration will pan out. Sir Nighteye is quick to refuse, and explains how his visions are not 100 percent accurate, nor do they show every detail that is going to happen. The main reason he refuses to use his Foresight is because he doesn’t want to see someone’s imminent death; which is a call back to when he saw All Might’s future death. Sir Nighteye’s seriousness makes this scene very uncomfortable, but gives the viewer a better insight to why he is so cautious.

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The ending sequence is with the four UA students accompanied by the Big Three recollecting about everything that just went down, while the warm glow of the sunset envelops their room. No one is more upset, or frustrated, than Togata and Midoriya. They are then visited by Eraser Head, who delivers the words Midoriya needs to hear the most. For once, we witness Eraser Head give Midoriya his blessing, but with restraint as he says, “So I’ll watch you. If you’re going to see this through, you gotta do it the right way.” Eraser Head knows that Midoriya is going to do whatever it takes to rescues Eri, so instead of telling him to not be a knuckle head, he gives him words of reassurance. Both Togata and Midoriya brush off their frustration, and stare out with determined faces as they prepare for the upcoming events.

We catch Grand Torino talking with Sir Nighteye about his opinion of Midoriya. Sir Nighteye makes the comparison between All Might and Midoriya, and mentions the madness that dwells deep within the two. That is the same madness he never understood, but knows why All might chose Midoriya as his successor.


This episode delivers a reality check for the young students, and packs on the emotional turmoil one sequence after the other. All the dots have been connected, now all the heroes must do it take action. It’s good to get some new heroes in the mix to add diversity of ideals. For not having any action, or comical moments, “An Unpleasant Talk” stays true to the mood it’s trying to create. For it being a serious episode, there is that glimmer of hope and reassurance in the end that next time our young heroes will not fail; hopefully.


The episode caries a consistent mood of frustration and despair but is balanced off with the ever-wavering determination of our heroes.

Written by Jesus Amaral

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