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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 68- “Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot” Review

*Spoiler Alert!*

Photo via Funimation

It takes guts to become a reliable bulldozer!”

Photo via Funimation

Caution: Spoiler Ahead!

“Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot,” episode 68 from season 4 of My Hero Academia, continues to feed off the eerie mood from the previous episode, and leaves the viewer with the sense that the worst is still yet to come. Luckily, in all the madness, there are those who adhere the call of the hero, and rise up to the moment to display their unwavering will.

The episode begins with a high-speed action sequence involving two villains in the middle of the city. As the giants are brawling and destroying their surroundings, we pan out to Hado flying in the air as she prepares to unleash her charged up surge attack. She then begins to ask the villains questions about why they are fighting, in typical Hado style, and Froppy and Uravity come in with a combo attack to finish off the brawlers. They are then congratulated by Ryukyu, their work study hero, on their completion of the mission, but as typical UA students, both Uraraka and Tsuyu comment back by listing their areas of improvement. The young heroine’s determined mood is quickly shifted as they look upon Ryukuy’s worried face as she tells them that they will be assisting the Nighteye Agency to investigate the League of Villains and Hassaikai.

After the intro, the scene starts off in the Hassaikai home base where Shigaraki and Chisaki are discussing their negotiation for a joint partnership. They are both trying to use one another for their own interest, but Shigaraki is setting the tone as the dominant villain. Shigaraki comes off as the arrogant villain, expecting to get what he wants, but he has good reason to set the terms considering the messy meet up both groups had in episode 65. Shigaraki tells Chisaki that if there is going to be any partnership, he must know about the plan of the Hassaikai. The mood gets tense as Shigaraki reaches in his coat, and gets a gun pulled to his head by Kurono while Mimic manifest his quirk to prepare for battle. Chisaki diffuses the tension by telling his men to stand down but is immediately blindsided by Shigaraki pulling out one of the red darts manufactured by the Hassaikai used to nullify Compress’ quirk.

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We jump from the power struggle between the two villains, to the heroes Fat Gum, Sun Eater, and Red Riot patrolling the city streets while indulging in some street food. The seriousness of the episode is uplifted slightly by Sun Eater’s weak mental state as he is constantly doubting his worthiness, and the interaction between him and Fat Gum demonstrates how a good sensei can impact a young disciple. After a few laughs, and comedic body language displayed by Sun Eater, there is a cry for help. Fat Gum and Sun Eater are quick to react, and apprehend the villains. Red Riot is upset at the notion that he didn’t do anything, but at that moment a mysterious bystander, who is also a villain, pulls out a gun and fires two shots at Sun Eater; the first shot grazes him, the second shot is deflected by Red Riot’s hardening.

As the shots are fired, there is a cut scene to Shigaraki and Chisaki talking about the plan of the Hassaikai, and the involvement of the mysterious red darts. Chisaki, with a menacing tone, reassures Shigaraki that their goal is to disrupt the status quo of the hero society, and clear the world of impurities with weapons that eliminate quirks. We then see the scared villain run away as Sun Eater tries to capture him, but the hero is unable to manifest his quirk. Red Riot corners the scared villain in an ally and takes him out with ease. He approaches the criminal with pity because he is complaining about how he is not strong enough to protect his companions. As Red Riot tries to comfort him, the villain pulls out a red syringe, and injects himself with a quirk enhancing drug. The villain starts to overpower Red Riot, and a sense of despair starts to envelop over Red Riot. Like Sun Eater, he begins to question his abilities, and worthiness to be a great hero. After having a flashback to some reassuring words from Bakugo and his classmates, Red Riot remembers what it takes to surpass one’s limits. One can’t help but start to cheer for Red Riot as he starts to harden his body and spirt to achieve his indestructible form- Red Riot Unbreakable! Red Riot begins to bulldoze past the villains enhanced power, and gives him a taste of his new signature move Red Gun Turret!

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Luckily, Red Riot is able defeats the villain quickly since his new form only last for less than a minute. Red Riot’s gullibility gets the best of him, and the villain is able to escape once more, but, like a true hero, Fat Gum appears out of nowhere to apprehend the villain. At this point, it feels like Red Riot cannot catch a break, but fortunately he has his new sensei to back him up; he also throws in a few words of wisdom. The viewers were finally given a standout moment for Red Riot, and the development of his quirk coincides with the title of the episode. His overwhelming strength and determined will are the highlights of the episode. There’s something about his charismatic personality that makes you want to see him develop even further as a character. Go Red Riot, go!

The episode ends with Fat Gum getting a report from the police on the broken pieces of the weapon that was used to eliminate the quirks of the heroes. Fat Gum is left with a feeling of uncertainty and fears the magnitude of the new drug weapons that are being used against the heroes. He also makes a call back to his past experience with quirk enhancing drugs, that are explored in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. With the villains working up an alliance, and this new quirk eliminating drug hitting the streets, one can foresee the calamity that is in store for our young heroes.

After the end credits, we are back with class 1-A, and we see how the work studies are playing out on social media and the news. Everyone is overjoyed with their peer’s success, except poor Bakugo. We also get one last look at Midorya, as he is remembering the cry for help from Eri, and one can’t help but feel his overwhelming determination to do what is necessary to make sure he saves her by any means necessary.


With the introduction of some new characters, there is a glimpse of the potential on the horizon for the young work study students. Limits and expectation are going to have to be surpassed to fight the new terrors that lurk in the shadows. A good hero needs skill and experience, but a great hero must have a hardened body and spirit to make necessary decisions. As the heroes progress, the villains are also getting their pieces ready to display their might.

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Episode 68 demonstrates how even a ray of hope can seem minuscule in the grand scheme of events to come.

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