Mighty Jaxx Releases I Donut Care in Radioactive GLOW!

via Mighty Jaxx 

This Saturday November 19th, 2019 at 9 AM Eastern Mighty Jaxx will be releasing the I Donut Care Radioactive Glow by Abell Octovan (@abell_octovan on Instagram).

You will want to sink your teeth into the all new I Donut Care (Radioactive Glow)! Flip off the naysayers with a special negative glow in this all new, first-of-its-kind colorway!

via Mighty Jaxx

At 8” tall, this vinyl art collectible makes a strong stand that while caring about things is good, being too concerned with too many things will take away the fun in life. Bringing a new level of cool, flip that unapologetic middle finger at all the naysayers of the world! Perfect for anyone who simply ran out of fucks to give.

Items will soon go into production and ship April 2020.


Written by Blake Jones

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