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Marvel Legends Endgame Wave 2 (Smirking Hulk BAF) HD Gallery

x Legends Endgame Wave 2 02

It’s been a minute since we’ve run Marvel Legends for galleries but we’re back with a look at Endgame Wave 2. This set features 3 MCU figures and 4 comic figures, with Endgame Hulk as the Build a Figure. Hulk is in his standard ripped pants / no shirt mode but comes with 2 heads. One a tad somber, and one smirking you to death. On the MCU side we have Shuri, Rescue and War Machine Mk 6. All three are solid entries to the Movieverse line up, with Shuri’s photo real tech on the face done well. On the » Continue Reading.

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Written by Tony_Bacala

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