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Magic: Legends Revealed, Why You Have to Play the Beta

Mere hours ago, at the 2019 Game Awards the world received its first glorious taste of the upcoming MMO inspired by the world’s most popular card game, Magic: Legends. Before we go on, you’re going to want to see this!

No really…. You’ll thank in me in about sixty seconds.

Welcome back! Spellbinding stuff, right? It is of course no surprise that amazing artwork like that is coming out of the Wizards of the coast camp as their stable of artists have been producing enchanting and memorable artwork for well over two decades. However, if you’ve been gaming for as long as most of us have you’ve been caught in this trap before. All that glitters is not gold, especially when it comes to the MMO genre. We’re all in luck however, as beta sign-ups are and running.

It would be easy to dismiss this trailer as “just another fantasy MMO” and indeed in the ever-swirling sea of pre-orders, early access, and beta’s it becomes difficult to differentiate between greatness and mediocrity. While it’s far too early to tell if Magic: Legends has in the cards there are some reasons why you should give the beta a shot.

  • It’s a triple-A IP with a seasoned company behind it. Wizards of the Coast is one of the oldest players in the game when It comes to fireballs, spellcasters, and… whatever a Lhurgoyf is. Over 25 years of planeswalking, monster-summoning, and counter-spelling serve as the foundation of this game. Wizards constantly delivers a fantastic product and there is no reason to think this will change with Magic: Legends
  • Cryptic Studios is the developing studio. Going all the way back to City of Heroes/Cities of Villains, Cryptic Studios has delivered on quality MMO’s. The studio’s longest running game, Neverwinter (set in the Dungeon’s and Dragon’s universe) has been running on various platforms since 2013. This type of long-term success should excite prospective players, even the most curmudgeonly amongst us.
  • The potential for content is nearly limitless! For those of you new to the planeswalking world of Magic: The Gathering the short (short, short) breakdown is this: there are infinite “planes” or worlds that certain empowered spellcasters, known as “planeswalkers” can travel to. These planeswalkers have abilities based on the five colors of mana (White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green). These five colors represent all types of magic, creatures, and enchantments that inhabit the Magic: Legends universe. In essence, the characters, planes and abilities in this game are restricted only by the developer’s imagination.


Whether you’ve got a binder full of Magic: The Gathering cards the size of a car engine, or Magic: Legends is your first foray into the multiverse you’ll want to sign up for the beta as quick as you can; its sure to fill up fast!



Sign-up here:

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My name is Dominik Basil, and I was born and raised in Fort Myers, FL. I have been destined for the nerd life since my first set of Star Wars Micro Machines back in '95. I am really into Tabletop miniature gaming, but have also found love in Magic the Gathering, RPG's, and Dungeons and Dragons.

The loves of my life are my wife and our daughter, and of course our eighty-lb pooch, Ziggs. My forms of catharsis include lifting weights, cooking, and painting small things with even smaller things.

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