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JALISCO, The Dancing Latina Superhero!

With the rise of superheroes throughout the years in movies, comics and media, representation for certain demographics has been a long-discussed topic. Luckily, Phoenix Studios has answered back with their introduction of their amazing Latina superhero JALISCO. The full colored graphic novel takes us on the journey of Alicia Cuevas, and her development to becoming the hero she was always destined to be to protect her family.

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The cast of the novel are all Latinas, who have different personalities, but similar upbringings that evidently lead them to Adella, revolutionary matriarch of the Adelitas. As we are taken through Alicia’s journey, we witness her start off as frail innocent young lady, and become a fierce Adelita. Through the teachings of her mother, and the support provided by Adella, Alicia manifested into Jalisco to rid the world of the evil dwellers in the shadows. There are many topics exposed in the graphic novel that correlate with real world problems, and the realities of the toxic people roaming around targeting the weak and poor.

JALISCO is not your average comic book about a person who uncovers unworldly powers to defeat a villainous foe. It is a story that is rich with cultural references to the women who live in Mexico, and how their lives are in constant turmoil. The novel starts with an awareness to all missing women, and the story revolves around the issues of females constantly being abducted without any acknowledgement or pursuit. Phoenix Studios is bringing awareness to a real world problem, and gives a voice to those who may have felt silent throughout the years. A percentage of every purchase of the novel is also donated to La CAUSA, groups of organizations that help the victims and families of abducted individuals, therefore, you too can become someone’s hero by supporting the graphic novel.

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Along with an awesome Latina cast, the creators are also an ensemble of Latina Adelitas. The graphic novel is written and directed by Kayden Phoenix, and the art is drawn by Amanda Juliana Gonzalez. The inking is beautifully done by Hannah Diaz, while the task of adding vibrant colors is executed by Mirelle Ortega, Addy Rivera Sonda, and Gloria Felix. The final touches of lettering that give sound to the pages is done by Sandra Romero. This modern day Adelita team is responsible for bringing the world of JALISCO into existence, but more importantly, they are responsible for creating a superhero the can be more relatable to a rising generation. Although JALISCO is one story, it is the culmination of many tragedies that are starting the reach the surface, and hopefully grab the attention of the reader.

via Phoenix Studios

JALISCO is the superhero we need right now, and with the release of the graphic novel, hopefully more female superheroes are created to represent a wider spectrum of the world. Representation is important in the comic world for all minority groups, and the inclusion begins to entice the narrative necessary for building new relationships. The graphic novel is perfect for new and old readers, and can be shared with all family members of the household. With the rise of new heroes, new stories are born, and with new stories, new challenges that are commonly faced will be conquered.

Along with the graphic novel, there is also an option to purchase the coloring book that correlates with the story. Anyone interested in coloring can depict the characters how they seem fit, and feel like they are contributing to the world of JALISCO. The Adelitas responsible for the novel are constantly posted in conventions and are willing to share the inspirations they had for created the graphic novel, so make sure to check out their book tour schedule here. JALISCO is also the beginning of a longer story that will be told in future novels produced by the team. The story is only going to get bigger, and our favorite Adelitas will have to overcome new threats to make the world a better place. Keep an eye out for the release dates of future installments, and make sure to support the rise of new graphic novels!

via Phoenix Studios

For more information on future graphic novels of different demographic, stay tuned to Elite Collectors Network. If there are novels you’d like to discuss, share them in the comments below! Also, share the work of new writers and creators that tackle the immense world of comics. We look forward to hearing from our readers!

















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