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ID: Invaded Season 1 Episode 5, ‘Fallen’ Review

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, ID: Invaded delivers a murder mystery that strums at the heart strings. Episode 5 continues to add a layer of deception that is expected with murder mystery shows, but the sequencing of the story amplifies the impact of each character. Handomachi displays her intuitive detective skills, and proves why she isn’t someone to mess with.

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After the romantic interaction between Kazuta and Hondomachi, the perceived missing individual runs away without telling the young detective anything. Hondomachi is confused about the recent appearance of the Perforator’s victim, and wonders why he has been hiding all this time; we cannot ignore Hondomachi’s first kiss either. She begins to discuss the interaction with Mr. Matsuoka, and comes to an interesting conclusion about Kazuta’s actions. She believes that Kazuta was scoping out the false Gravedigger’s crime scene because he is somehow  linked to the serial killer. Since he has a hole in his skull, like Hondomachi, there must be some kind of neuropathway rerouting happening in his brain that is swapping the emotions of love and killing. When Kazuta displays an action of love, it is actually his intent to kill, therefore, that is why there have never been any cognition particles left in the abduction site prior to all the killings. Hondomachi, is relieved that Kazuta didn’t really mean to kiss her, but gets pretty ticked off about the fact the he wanted to kill her.

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After revisiting the site where Kazuta kissed Hondomachi, they find cognition particles for the construction of a new ID well. Sakiado arrives to a house in the middle of the sky, and discovers Kaeru’s dead body levitating in the middle of the home. Hilariously, Sakaido solves the case right away, and the viewer is left in somewhat confusion as the episode cuts to break. Well, the case is not entirely solved, but Sakaido discovers a body underneath Kaeru that is an amalgamation of the Gravedigger’s victims. With the new information discovered, Kura is able to locate an abandoned brewery where the Gravedigger has been operating from. During the investigation, the amalgamation tells Sakaido that it was hiding form a monster, and that leads the ID well detective to underneath the island where John Walker is shown killing another persona. Sakaido tries to confront the mysterious killer, but is unsuccessful, and allows for Walker to escape.

Meanwhile, the physical features of the persona found underneath Kaeru match the characteristics of people who Kazuta knew in the past.  Those who are linked to Kazuta get search out, and Hondomachi and Mr. Matsuoka find themselves in the home of a young lady named Inami. Hondomachi begins to question the relationship Inami had with Kazuta, and if they ever shared any love interest. The two have a very calm discussion about Inami’s past, but something seems off about the her.

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After the latest clues found by Sakaido are relayed, the team begins to try and open the barrels in the abandoned brewery. They scan the barrels to find any life in them, but are unsuccessful. Upon opening one barrel, wine starts to pour out, but the team quickly realizes the liquid is actually gasoline. At that moment, the light bulbs in the building begin to explode, sending sparks all over the place. The team is too late to react to the rigged trap, and only a large explosion is seen as they all try to escape. Mr. Matsuoka is given the news about the trap, and tells Hondomachi that they have to go. Prior to them getting the news, Inami and Hondomachi’s conversation starts to build tension, and the music even begins to feel eerie.

After many grueling questions, Hondomachi asks Inami about her past boyfriends, and uncovers the fact that she never had any real feelings towards them. She begins to point out Inami’s loneliness was dues to her seeking something more from a relationship; which in this case, is death. Hondomachi, smugly, tells Inami that she kissed Kazuta, and based on her jealous reaction, is able to decipher that she is the Gravedigger. Through her motives of love, she uses Kazuta to make her grotesque fantasies into a reality. As Mr. Matsuoka is overwhelmed with confusion and shock, the scene ends with Kazuta hiding behind a door with a knife at hand, ready to attack.

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The situation is beginning to heat up for team Kura, and the surprises keep hitting us form left field. Hondomachi is the clear star of the episode, with Sakaido riding the back seat for once. Although, John Walker’s appearance raises more questions than answers. The rigged trap of the abandoned brewery gives the episode some surprising suspense, while the follow-up of the discovery of the Gravedigger’s true identity delivers the final blow.



Overall, the episode picks up excitement in the end, while leaving the viewer with more questions.

Written by Jesus Amaral

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