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ID: Invaded Season 1 Episode 2, ‘Jigsawed 2’ Review

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead!*

Episode two of ID: Invaded continues the momentum driven in the season opener. Questions that were presented in the first episode get answered in the second installment. As we continue the journey of Sakaido exploring the Perforator’s ID well, we get a better look at who Sakaido is, and what brought about Kura; agency responsible for creating the ID wells.

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The episode begins moments before Hondomachi is abducted by the Perforator, whose name is revealed to be Tamotsu Fukuda. She is searching the area with the Wakumusubi and picks up on signals from outside the crime scene but explains that there are instances where cognition particles are spread around because of the air and wind up in a different location. The scene then cuts to Mr. Matsuoka cornering the Perforator, but they discover that the person was only a decoy. At that moment, the body that was recovered from the crime scene, that was thought to be the Perforator’s last victim, turns out to be Fukuda. After he kills the paramedics, he hits Hondomachi with the ambulance, uses the vehicle as coverage, and escapes with the young girl through the sewers.

As all that is going down, Sakaido tries to apprehend the virtual Perforator, but fails. That is when John Walker, seen as an image in the previous episode, manifests in the ID well, and causes the other family members to tremble. Sakaido is confused as to why the virtual being are responding that way but decides to fight the new entity. After one swift blow, the series delivers its first comical moment as Sakaido claims to be overpowered after his triumph over John Walker. Aside from the brief comedy, Mr. Matsuoka expresses his frustration with the agency because they are not prioritizing the search for Hondomachi. That is where we are introduced to Chief Hayasuera and witness his diplomatic wording to diffuse the tension of the situation.

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After all the madness, we finally catch up to Hondomachi and Fukuda. The young field agent is strapped to a table, with the Perforator looming over her with a drill. Before he adds an air way to her skull, Fukuda is curious about the Wakumusubi and how it was used to find him. Hondomachi retaliates by questioning Fukuda, and discover that he decided to drill a hole in his own skull to make the world a little clearer; psychopaths, am I right? Out of pure desperation, Hondomachi presses her head against the drill, taking away the opportunity from Fukuda, and activates the Wakumusubi with the intent to take her own life. The scene immediately jumps to the team at the Mizuhanome getting readings from a new ID well, which is Hondonmachi’s. Inspector Momoki terminates Sakaido’s current ID well exploration and asked him to explore the new well that has emerged. It is revealed that the person with the Sakaido persona is actually named Narihisago. After exchanging a few words with Momoki, Narihisago enters the new ID well, in hopes of finding clues to Hondomachi’s location.

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Upon entering the ID well, the environment is completely different form the Perforator’s well. There are strange huge drills coming from the sky, and Sakaido comes across Kaeru’s body hung from a tree. There is a note underneath Kaeru stating the attempt was suicide, and then a huge drill come crashing down on both virtual bodies. Upon experiencing death, Sakaido is able to transmit images from Hondomachi’s location, and small details about her surroundings. The team is really efficient with the small amount of information provided and determine where Fukuda is holding Hondomachi. Mr. Matsuoka get the news and immediately drives off to the new location.

After Hondomachi’s attempt to drill her own head, she is still alive, but there is no definitive time frame. Fukuda is impressed by Hondomachi’s actions and tells her that he was always searching for someone who was willing to drill their own head like he did. After that deep exchange of ideologies, the police arrive to scene with Mr. Matsuoka, they apprehend Fukuda, and rescue Honomachi. After the rescue, Momoki thanks Narihisago for providing the opportunity to rescue Hondomachi and capture the Perforator. They discuss the complexities of the wells, and how the serial killer’s ID well was so disjointed because he had severe self-deception. Momoki warns Narihisago to stop seeking the weakness of each well’s owner, because that could lead the individual to suicide, but what’s more surprising is that this wouldn’t be the first time Sakaido has lead serial killers to their death; no remorse for the killers.

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The episode ends with Chief Hayaseura discussing the launch and success of Kura with Togo. They are discussing the accuracy of the images projected by the Mizuhanome, and if the images of John Walker represented the real person. Togo believes that the images are merely representations of the owner’s cognition, but they do represent the actual feelings of the person involved. Meaning, if the images manifested feared John Walker in the ID well, then Fuduka must have contacted him, and evidently developed a fear for him. The incidents that take place in the ID wells are no accidents, everything is related to an internal felling of ambition in some form or another. The final scenes are of Narihisago being escorted to what seems to be a private cell. Along the wall are images of his deceased daughter who highly resembles Kaeru. The mystery of how he lost is daughter is only reaching the surface, and with each serial killer caught, new details are revealed of Narihisago as well.

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With all the twist and turns, ID: Invaded delivers a solid representation of what’s to expect from the rest of the series. The diversity of characters does not outshine the main protagonist, and each one adds a different touch to the overall team. Seeing how the ID wells respond to outside forces makes the show more engaging, while exploring the boundaries of what each manifestation can look like. Narihisago, alias Sakaido, is not your average anime protagonist, and the mysteries of his past only drag you into his tragic story.



The psychological science fiction mystery does not ease up on the drama, and adds a layer of convoluted details that begin to paint an abstract picture.


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