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ID: Invaded – Season 1 Episode 1, ‘Jigsawed’Review

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

If you were in need of a gripping psychological science-fiction mystery, well guess what, you are in luck. ID: Invaded delivers a fresh take on murder mysteries, pretty much a new isekai, while exploring the capabilities of the mind and technology. With the launch of the first episode, we get a look into the world of ID: Invaded, and how things function differently in each individual’s “mind well”. As the viewer, one must also depict the details expressed while putting together the puzzle created by the director to paint the picture of each mystery. The first episode takes no breaks in introducing the team behind exploring the ID wells, and how they use real time information to determine their next move in each case.

The episode begins with a strange exploration of what seems cyberspace, but in an abstract form. As we close up the main protagonist, he wakes up from his sleep in complete disarray. The trippy visuals of his body braking apart immediately links the character to some kind of virtual world; almost like a dream. The character’s disorientation makes it seem like he is suffering from amnesia, but as he explores around, different objects trigger memories that provide him with information. After finding the body of a dead girl, who he discovers is named Kaeru, he remembers his own name, Sakaido. That is when he discerns that he is a brilliant detective sent to this world to discover the killer behind Kaeru’s death.


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All the confusion that you might be experience gets cleared up as we see the real-world team handling the situation from the command center Kura. It is revealed that the team is working on finding the serial killer known as the “Perforator.” The process of how the ID wells are created is by collecting cognition particles that are left behind at each murder scene by the killer. The particles are then transfer to the Mizuhanome, where their cognitive architecture is manifested into existence and can be explored by an individual, which in this case is Sakaido. The process seems complicated, but the story pans out to explain each step as the mystery is being solved. Therefore, the cognition particles collected from the Perforator’s past victims are being used to create the world Sakaido is currently exploring.

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The leader of the team is Inspector Momoki, and as new details are discovered by Sakaido in the Mizuhanome, the team searches for clues that lead to real world locations and details. The two field agents, Mr. Matsuoka and Hondomachi, are responsible for exploring the real-world clues to see if the prove to be relevant to the case. As the two field agents are sent to explore possible clues, Mr. Matukosa explains the mechanics of the Wakumusubi to Hondomachi. The basic characteristic of the Wakumusubi is that it can detect a person’s intent to kill via cognition particles. If there is a person around that has the intent to kill, then the machine will pick up on their malice; it comes in handy for finding hidden killers or directing someone in the right direction towards a murderer.

After spanning back and forth from both worlds, Sakaido encounters a family of seven individuals, where five of them are past victims of the Perforator. From there, he begins to take action into his own hands, and starts rebuilding the fragmented world around him to surface more clues about the serial killer. The moment cannot be better described as when Sakaido says, “In this world, there’s more meaning in what’s missing than what’s not.” After finding a clue spelling “Takoya”, the field agents are sent to investigate the location.

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The episode reaches its climax as Mr. Matsuoka and Hondomachi arrive at the location discovered by Sakaido. Hondomachi detects the Perforator’s malice via the Wakumusubi and call in for back up. They realize that at that moment, the Perforator is probably killing someone, so Mr. Matsuoka decides to investigate while Hondomachi waits for backup. As the investigation is going on, the ID well reacts, and Sakaido witnesses the killer manifest from Kaeru’s dead body as a fragmented entity. Sakaido also notices that everyone in the ID well are depicted as fragmented beings except for Kaeru, interesting deduction, right? The scene cuts back to the field agents, and Mr. Matsuoka is astonished to see that Hondomachi has gone missing! With no clear explanation to what just happened, the episode ends in that suspenseful moment, leaving the viewer anticipating the whereabouts of Hondomachi.

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For the first episode, ID: Invaded throws a considerably amount of information towards the viewer. Luckily the information flows with the story, and certain events are shown in real time. The concept of ID wells and how they are used for investigations is a bit of a stretch but makes the story that much more interesting. The series starts off with a solid episode, and leaves the viewer with a good cliff hanger.



ID: Invaded has a diverse cast of characters that contribute to a strong episode that only opens the lid to an immersive world.


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