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Goldfisch Volume 3 Brilliantly Concludes the Dazzling Story

Spoilers Warning!


 13) Freedom Is Silver, Revenge Is Gold

14) All Rivers Lead to the Fortress

15) A Fish Rots From The Head Down

16) Blood Is Thicker Than Water

17) Catch Me!

18) The Weight of the World

19) Legends Make Cooler Stories


Goldfisch Volume 3 is the third and final installment of the series. If you have not read the other volumes, check out Volume 1 and Volume 2 to see why Goldfish deserves to be part of your manga library. Also check out the amazing content constantly being created over at TOKYO POP by the International Women of Manga. With the diverse stories, and great art styles, reading manga will evidently become one of your new favorite hobbies.

After being left in despair from the tremendous cliffhanger in Volume 2, Morrey and the gang try their best to cope with everything going on. Many wounds will need time to heal, but it’s unfortunate to say some have lost more than others. The magnitude of the situation seems really dire at first, but Nana reminds us how in the world of Goldfisch there are always surprises lurking around every corner. With the return of some forgotten characters, the story starts to take a different shape, but the overall goal remains the same: find and defeat the Art Dealer. There is also a call back to the history of the Midas Spring artifact, and how it came to be.


The dark tone to Volume 3 is very welcoming, and gives us a different perspective of our favorite adventurers. Everyone copes differently, and that causes the group to split up, in sorts, to achieve what they originally have started. Morrey is committed to saving his brother, but doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt or die. Shelly wants to make sure the group stays together because that is when they are at their strongest, and Zaka has to do a great amount of self-healing before he can get his head in the game. This is where the bonds that hold them together get tested, and reveal the true colors of each individual. Some have a heart that yearns for adventure and resolve, while others simply want to protect those they love. The reasoning behind all the decisions can be relatable, but also make the reader want to knock some common sense into certain characters.


In the world of Goldfisch, anything seems possible, and through that imaginative aspect, certain characters come in clutch in the moment of need. It starts to get wonderfully chaotic with all the backstories, and how everyone is linked through blood and bonds. Volume 3 keeps the story evolving, while out-doing each surprise that comes the readers way. At this point, if you are reading the manga and know the story, then you know the importance of Spencer. Morrey goes through a lot of conflict to finally reach the artifact collector, and devise a plan to return his brother back from gold to flesh. The Art Dealer is no pushover though, and Morrey quickly learns why so many fear the wrath of the monstrous being.


The encounter with the Art Dealer proves how over powered he is with his arsenal of treasures, but that doesn’t stop Morrey from achieving his goal. The level of gore, and conflict throughout the encounter gives the story a rich sense of urgency, making the reader doubt if there really is a happy ending when that last page is turned. The attention to detail, and the facial expressions during moments of pain make the characters stand out, and when that glimmer of hope presents itself, it hits the reader with a sense of excitement followed by relief.

Legends are those who make the ultimate sacrifices, and Goldfisch has its fair share of Legends. The story comes to a conclusion that was not expected, and Nana does what she does best where she flips the story on itself one last time. Overall, the journey of Morrey and friends encapsulates the qualities that each adventurer searches for in traveling mates. There are great action sequences, complex moments of drama, surprisingly gory battles, and family values throughout the series. Morrey isn’t your typical overpower protagonist that seems to have no limits to his power, well maybe in some way he is, but the charm of the character stays true throughout the grand adventure. There is a great amount of love expressed from the characters, and after reading the manga, don’t be surprised if you find yourself sharing a hug with a friend or two later on in the day.

Of the three books, volume 3 is the most ambitious, and leaves no stone unturned. From beginning to end, our hero is faced with different challenges that always seem to cause much grief, but his friends are there to aid him every step of the way. We all deal with different traumas in our lives, but sometimes, the simplest thing can make the biggest impact to each individual. If you are thinking about picking up Goldficsh, stop thinking, and just allow yourself to get immersed in the world created by Nana Yaa. Don’t be fooled, this golden adventure will leave your heart heavy with admiration, while satisfying your yearning for adventure.



Written by Jesus Amaral

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