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Goldfisch Volume 2 Keeps the Suspense Golden!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!


7)    Metal vs. Metal

8)    Trade-Off

9)    Of Searching and Finding

10)  Touches

11)  Showtime

12)  Father, Mother, Child

If you have not had the chance to dive into the vast world of Goldfisch Volume 1, I strongly recommend you do so before continuing—reference to the first volume 1 will be made below.

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After a brief recap of the first volume, the story of Morrey and friends continues where we left them in the first volume. The immediate conflict starts off the manga with plenty of drama, and delivers a great variety of action scenes followed by witty comments. The artifact Obtainers Stalker and Sharp have our team cornered, and escape almost seems impossible. Some important themes of friendship and loyalty are cleverly explored, and leave the reader with some serious jaw dropping moments.

Overall the conflict does not let up from having bloody interactions, and highlights how the creator will go to interesting lengths to develop the story past the expected themes.


As the adventure of Morrey, Shelly, and Zaka brings them from one conflict to another, the team must decide what course of action best suites their interest. Through Zaka, Morrey is able to explore the truths of his father’s past, and understand certain events that changed his life forever. We also get a better understanding of Spencer, his twin brother, and how the two developed their own family relationship over their years of solitude.

Family is an important theme felt throughout the manga, and one can’t help but feel like they might reflect with the characters in the story in one form or another. The moments of action are evenly balanced out with moments of emotion that resonate with each character, and makes their development that much richer.


One of the most heart-felt moments of Volume 2 is when Morrey comes across the G.O.T.S. That moment added much more heart to the story, and makes the reader appreciate all the help Shelly, Otta, and Zaka have provided for our young fisher-boy. Good friends are hard to come by, and it is always the small things that have the hugest impact on those who have lost so much.

There is also a call back to the history between Zaka and Shelly, and how the two became acquainted with one another. Starting with some intense action, and leading to an emotional back story really makes Volume 2 build off the first volume. The story only gets more interesting, and the characters keep the foundation of the story strong.


In the midst of all the soul searching, the team is led to their next artifact target. After devising a clever plan, and getting shut down, the team is reunited with a mysterious, yet familiar, new comrade. This moment leaves us scratching our heads in anticipation to what might come next.

Overall, the team is able to succeed in their mission with the assistance of the new ally, and Morrey’s new-found skill. Our team is developing, and overall, their arsenal is becoming more dependable. After all the hoorays and success, this manga does what it does best: leaves the reader in the biggest shock of the series so far.

All happiness is quickly drained from the reader when we quickly learn that the world of Goldfisch is a cruel one. It almost makes one sick to their stomach, and builds the anticipation for what’s to come in the next volume.

Goldfisch Volume 2 delivers the action, the drama, the jokes, and the adventure worthy for Morrey and friends. Overall, the reading only gets more interesting, and one finds themselves finishing the volume with the need of reading the next one. The emotional investment to this point makes it hard to believe that the overall story is almost concluded. Luckily Goldfisch Volume 3 is already available to answer the questions one must be asking after the enormous cliffhanger from Volume 2. The series concludes with Volume 3, so make sure that you are prepared for the wild ride!

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