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Final Fantasy VII Remake Delayed Until April 10, 2020

The team developing Final Fantasy VII Remake announced earlier today that they were delaying the game’s upcoming release until April 10, 2020, and the nation wept.

Citing a desire to add more polish to make the game something waiting fans deserve, the team released a message today apologizing for the delay.

Thankfully, pushing the release date back a month isn’t the worst news. If the alternative would have been to release a broken product that would be Frankensteined together with hotfix patches and extraneous DLC, I’ll take the 38 day delay.

Written by Destry Cloud

Destry Cloud is a contributing blogger and gaming enthusiast. He writes stories and books in his spare time, and wishes to one day win a lifetime supply of free ice cream. He enjoys tabletop RPGs just as much as video games, and he will totally roll a tank if the party needs one.

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