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Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royale v12.20 Patch Update: Spy Games & Choppas!

via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Battle Royal gamers received in-game upgrades for Season 2 with the v12.20 patch update.


Choppas and Spy Games are among the newest content additions to the beloved Battle Royale mode. Before the patch dropped on March 17, 2020 helicopters where merely a rumor circulating throughout the Fortnite community.

Gamer concerns of whether the vehicle would be limited to one player operation was finally put to rest by Epic via Twitter:


Spy Games

Spy Games was found very much unplayable in the Battle Pass dashboard before the update release. Epic shared the fresh cinematic trailer with gamers announcing the newly unlocked game mode:

In addition to a handful of fresh challenges to satisfy them until week 6 challenges drop, players can enjoy the new mode via Operation: Dropzone.

The Limited Time Mode features a slot game for players to chance into weapons, along with a new Tech system enabling perks for the LTM.

New Locker Design

The locker received a noticeable facelift in v12.20. The new locker design will now allow players to customize and save their favorite loadouts. The feature allows gamers to save and quickly swap between their favorite character skins, weapon wraps, gliders, and emotes combinations.

As with most updates and patches, v12.20 came with much desired bug fixes and nerfed weapon updates; however, Epic has yet to release official notes at this time.

Written by Jon Tyler

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