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DC: Animation Perfection

Let’s be honest…DC movies kind of feel like a roller coaster. At times they feel like what we’ve been waiting for years. At other times it feels like a few more weeks of working at the script might have been helpful. Not pointing fingers.

But when it comes to the animation department…DC has that on lock down.

I recently had the pleasure of watching Superman: Red Son and I can only say that this was some of DC’s best work. I seriously loved this movie too much. Where do I begin without spoiling too much?

Superman: Red Son takes the idea, “What if Superman’s rocket ship landed in Russia and he grew up in during the Soviet Union?” The answer is simple…a whole lot of material to work with.

First and foremost I must tip my hat to the animators who worked on the introduction of the movie along with the soundtrack. The music really hammers the Russian feeling home and the use of Cold War design for the opening credits is daunting but oh so memorable. Easily one of the best intros DC has ever churned out.

Although reviews will roll in left and right for this film one thing that many will probably not mention is how much effort they put towards Superman’s facial expressions. It’s something we don’t think about too much until we realize that’s what makes a Superman stand out.

Henry Cavill’s Superman was fine…nothing great…nothing bad. But in Red Son, you can see the utter horror and shock in Superman’s face as he discovers some of the most grueling atrocities during the USSR. It’s seeing him afraid, uncertain, and hurt that makes you fall in love with Superman all over again.

The timing of the movie couldn’t have been more on point. I’m not sure what’s being taught in schools these days but I’m fairly certain that people remember the USSR/Russia as the place that tried to bring out communism for the greater good.

The movie doesn’t shy away from these ideals either. This isn’t just Superman saving kittens from trees or being a hero completely. It tackles the questions of capitalism and communism pretty dang hard. Even more so when you remember that this is the most powerful man on Earth.

Our political climate (if you care to know) is heavily tackling communism and capitalism within the US. A movie like this is one of the those that when you really sit back and open your eyes…you’ll find yourself learning and enjoying at the same time.

The movie’s portrayal of Stalin was about what you would expect when coming face to face with a literal god on Earth. The entire secondary cast from Batman and Wonder Woman to Lex Luthor and the Green Lantern really show a reality that could have been.

And–probably a side note–you can expect to hear a lot of Russian accents in the movie. Some of you might think that they’re cheesy but honestly it only drives own home the time period even more. To be honest I prefer Superman’s Russian accent over his American one.

If I could grab you from across the screen and shake you I would do so if it helped getting you to see this film. I should warn you however, that the movie will tug on your heartstrings both for concern and fear. Seeing all of your heroes in such a warped state…can be unsettling.

Written by Yensin Atagah

I'm a writer that works mostly with middle grade fantasy and fiction with the occasional young adult and romance. I believe a good story should always rely on a strong backbone structure to keep people interested. I've also worked in medicine for a number of years and know way more medical terminology than I'd care to say.

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