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Catch Naruto on Pluto TV

Photo via VIZ Media

Naruto All Day, Every Day, FOR FREE!!

Your goals of becoming the next Hokage have been fulfilled by Pluto TV! VIZ Media announced during their Naruto: 20th Anniversary Celebration panel at Anime NYC 2019, on November 16, that the online streaming platform is launching a channel completely dedicated to only showing Naruto. The episodes will be shown on Channel 677 in subtitled format, with commercial support.

Photo via Pluto TV

It was only announced that the original Naruto arc will be streaming on Pluto TV. No news on if Naruto Shippuden will be added in the future, or if any other anime shows are going to get their own dedicated streaming channel. Regardless, this is a great step forward in making anime more accessible to those who may be looking for something new to devote their binging hours too.

Photo via Pluto TV

Naruto aired on TV in the Fall of 2002 and wrapped up during the Winter of 2007. The show was directed by Hayato Date (Ultramarine Magmell, Saiyuki) at Studio Pierrot, and spanned through 220 episodes. Character designs were developed by Hirofumi Suzuki and Tetsuya Nishio (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Individual Eleven, The Sky Crawlers).

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