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Black Ops 4 is Finally Revamping Their Loot Box System, but is it Too Late?

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You heard right. Black Ops 4 is actually going to be changing the way that you earn cosmetics, but more importantly guns, in the game. We all know the story already about how egregious the microtransactions were and how we were repeatedly misled about how they would be monetizing the game, so I won’t waste your time going over it again. What I want to focus on is what changes they are making and if anybody is going to care at this point?

“Guns, Glorious Guns”

Bonus points to anyone who knows which game that subtitle is a reference to. But anyway, the first, and most important, change is they are going to be adding a regularly scheduled “Pick-a-Weapon Bribe” bundle to the game. In this bundle you will receive two reserve items, five duplicate-protected crates, and most importantly of all, a weapon of your choosing. For the first time ever in a Black Ops game you are going to be able to choose which gun you get from a loot box. No more random chance, hoping and praying that the Call of Duty gods shine a ray of light on your dire cause.

You will be able to get exactly what you want, and it will only cost you 50 reserve crates. Now I know that might seem like a lot, but I can assure you it’s not as bad as it seems. I got on BO4 for the first time in months a couple days ago and I was able to earn 15 crates within two play sessions that didn’t last for more than a few hours each. So if you dedicate your time, you could probably earn a new gun within a week or so.

One thing that helped me be able to get so many was the fact that Black Ops 4 has contracts for you to complete now. Granted, not all of them will give you reserve crates, but you can still get about four to five crates a day from these. Also, if you’ve remained dedicated to this game and have reached level 50 in the current tier system, you will be able to earn double the crates that you normally would since you earn one for every level you progress after 50. Regardless of where you’re at though, it should be fairly easy to get the guns that you want through this new system.

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So, What Else Will Be Added in This Update?

They will be adding a “Reserves Stack” that will change periodically and offer you a cosmetic item that you don’t already own for only two reserve crates. There will also be two slots in the “My Deals” section that will change daily and offer you items that normally cost real-world money to obtain. It is unclear however if these will still cost you money out of pocket or if you will be able to purchase them with crates.

Personally, I think they will be purchasable with crates since everything else in this update will be, but since they didn’t specify there’s a chance that is not the case. I wouldn’t put it past them to still charge people for these items. It would be especially unfair for the people who already paid for them, but we’ll have to wait and see which way that aspect of the update will go.

It Only Took Them Over Half a Year to Finally Fix This

In case you’re not sure, that subtitle was blatant sarcasm. Black Ops 4 has been a mess for quite some time now. For me personally, I put up with the game until they started putting new guns into loot boxes, but they were starting to lose me even before that. In my opinion the gameplay was near perfect, so I was so disappointed when they started slowly ruining their own game. The guns felt great, the movement was very fast paced, and the ability to re-heal yourself was exactly the kind of change up the Call of Duty format needed, and all of that was wasted by poor business practices.

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As I’m sure you might have noticed by now, I haven’t referred to either Treyarch or Activision directly yet because I honestly don’t know who to blame for how horribly this game got screwed up. Every time there was a new update, you’d have to wonder “how badly are they going to mess up the game this time?” and somehow it always got worse. There was a lot of talk that Activision was “testing the market” with this game. They wanted to see what kind of anti-consumer practices they could get away with and watch for how people would react.

Luckily, the players of the game freaked out every time another anti-consumer update came out, so then why did it take them until now to finally revert them? The most obvious answer is they did it because everyone moved on to Modern Warfare, a more consumer friendly game (for now), and they’re hoping to bring some people back to BO4. They didn’t care that their game was a mess when it was the newest one on the market.

Regardless of past choices, it’s impossible for us to know for sure if this update is going to work for them or not unless they decide to share the numbers with us after the update rolls out on November 12th. I know it will work for me because I didn’t buy Modern Warfare. I tried the beta and wasn’t a huge fan. Plus, I didn’t feel like Activision deserved another $60 of mine.

Overall though, I feel like it might be too late for this change. Sure, they’re going to get other people like me back into the game, but most people have moved on and written Black Ops 4 off as one of the worst entries in the series to date, and it’s a shame. If this update would have rolled out six months ago, I feel like people wouldn’t hate the game as much as they do right now, but unfortunately Activision has proven time and time again that they are driven by money, not the consumer. And Treyarch shouldn’t escape the blame either since they sat back and let this all happen to their game. Only time will tell if this update will do anything to save the Black Ops 4 community, but I hope it does enough to show Activision that treating your customers like human beings is much better for business in the long run.

Written by Michael Yannone

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