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Batman Beyond: Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-Ray Collection Review

Courtesy of DC Entertainment
Courtesy of DC Entertainment

        Last week, DC released the Batman Beyond: The Complete Animated Series Limited Edition. We snagged a copy ourselves and digested as much as we could of the 25 packed hours of the set. Batman Beyond is celebrating its 20th anniversary along with Batman celebrating its 80th anniversary this year as well. The highly anticipated boxset caught fire when it was announced as the follow up to last year’s Batman: The Animated Series Box Set. There are definitely some improvements from other collectors sets and from the actual footage included.

The Future Knows Best

The boxset includes all three seasons of the show compiled into four disks. Along with two other discs that hold special features and the film, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. The seasons of the show and the film have all been updated from their 35mm scanned OCND format (original camera negative digital). This brings out clarity in the colors along with better sound quality from its remastering. The special features are all new to this series. Each of them is worth watching if you’re a collector investing in the package. Our favorite new feature Nostalgic Tomorrow – A Batman Gathering brings together all the smaller features into one round table discussion with the creators and voice actors. Inside the shorter features, they explore the technology and how they revamped both Batman and Gotham City.

Besides that, the boxset also includes some exceptional collector’s items. The exclusive chrome 80th anniversary Funko Pop! of the future Dark Knight is the definite highlight of it all. It also comes with four lenticular art cards each of the Dark Knight facing off against a foe.

Schway or Slag?

        Overall, the boxset does have its highs with very few lows. The Funko Pop! included with this boxset exceeds the BTAS tiny pops in the previous box set. Its features and quality are exceptional to the original quality of the series as well.

However, there’s only a couple of things that could have made this boxset over the top. For one, the lenticular cards are all the same size except for one. So, if you’re a collector looking to frame them, you may go crazy over the single horizontal layout of one of the cards. Also, if the boxset would have also included the episode titled “Epilogue” from its successor Justice League along with the original ending for the film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, we feel it would have completed it.

In the end, as a fan and collector, the price point makes this set well worth every penny. It’s a nostalgic series for many these days and something that fans have been hoping to get a live-action version for years now.

Written by Brandon Bloxdorf

Brandon Bloxdorf is currently enrolled at Full Sail University in the Creative Writing for the Entertainment Industry. He is an aspiring comic book writer, working on projects such as: Fake Your Death, Teenage Babylon, and The Broadcast Dialogues. He is also the host of the podcast Apollo City Comics.

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